Review: Illi Total Ageing Care Body Serum

Growing up in a hot and humid country, I’ve never really seen the need to conscientiously moisturise my body cos it was never really on the dry side (of course, I was also a lazy-arse bum when I was younger). I guess it’s a curse and a bane, cos we Asians perspire bucketloads within 5 minutes of leaving the shower, but yet, due to this humidity, we also show less signs of ageing cos our skin benefits from the sufficient (if not, at times, over-excessive) moisture. We are dripping wet and moist all the timeeeeeee muahaha.

These days, due to excessive travel and me turning into a lao charboh (local slang for wrinkled old bag lady), I’ve taken to moisturising more often – and this of course gave me yet another excuse to shop even more.


Illi Total Ageing Care Body SerumIlli Total Ageing Care Body Serum


illi body serum poster


Illi Total Ageing seriesThis Ageing series also has a body wash (which is actually a cream wash that doesn’t foam or lather much, and kinda slides down the body in globs. I wasn’t much of a fan of it so I decided not to review it.)


Illi Total Ageing Care Body Serum2

Illi Total Ageing Care Body Serum3


Illi Total Ageing Care Body Serum4Immediately after application


Illi Total Ageing Care Body Serum55 minutes after application – there’s still a glow to the skin


I say…

I found this gem of a body serum in the most unlikely place – not Olive Young, not Aritaum, but instead, at Lotte Mart. Normally I wouldn’t give this a second look, but since Cheon Song Yi / Jeon Ji Hyun uses it, of course I will use it.

  • It comes in a rounded-edge plastic bottle with a nice pump. I use “nice” cos I don’t have any other adjectives for the pump (cos I’m not sure if people actually do describe it), but I love its aesthetics. It’s got a large flat top that’s just slightly smaller than my palm, so it feels good when you press down on it to dispense the serum. It doesn’t slip outta your palm, and it doesn’t jab into the skin.
  • Also, you know how some plastics can feel cheap and flimsy? This isn’t one of those. Heh. Plastic professor I’m not though.
  • Frivolous packaging critique aside, the serum is relatively thick in consistency – think a slightly watered-down version of honey.
  • It has a slight herbal-fragrant scent.
  • It’s a golden-brown thick liquid that’s not sticky.
  • All you need is a normal-sized droplet for one entire limb.
  • Due to its consistency, you’ll need to massage it in properly, or there will be remnant globs around your skin. Also, be sure to pat it in or give it some time to be thoroughly absorbed.
  • Once it’s in, your skin will feel firmer without any greasy/sticky after-feel.
  • To me,  this serum is more for locking in firmness vs whitening/brightening/moisturising.
  • Now I’m usually not one for these thicker-consistency products, but I was won over by the glow in my skin. Take a closer look and click on the photos above to enlarge – don’t you see that awesome glow, kinda like what celebrities exude when they’re on the red carpet? Yep, that’s the nice kinda glow you’ll get.


I’m guessing this bottle will last me for a nong, nong, nong time seeing as I’m using 4 pea-sized drops a day. This will be perfect for those in winter/ dry climates. If you prefer something that’s a little more lightweight, try the Body Skin instead.







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