Review/Treatment: iBeauty Medispa Metabolite Wellness Treatment

I’ve more or less come to terms that I’m chicken-hearted, so there goes Sadako movies, roller-coaster rides and cosmetic surgery. Just looking at the plethora of bloggers showcasing their recovery journey is making me cringe non-stop. That’s also why I’ve decided to just stick to the more torturous way of losing weight – via exercise, accompanied by a sensible diet.

Of course, it doesn’t help to have other catalysts, such as freezing my fats in a chamber,  targeted fat freezing via machine massaging, and this iBeauty Medispa Metabolite Wellness Treatment. I first heard about this treatment that guarantees a 5kg weight loss upon completion of the full package, my eyebrows were raised up like The Rock –  a level of 8/10 of dubiousness. The spiel is that you’ll lose it naturally and for good, and it’s non-invasive.  Challenge accepted.



This non-invasive treatment works in the following ways:

  • The Metabolite Wellness Treatment targets the arms, legs, back and tummy through a series of pressing and kneading movements to unblock and stimulate lthe 106 meridian points in your body.
  • To me, it’s kinda like a really toned-down version of those old-school pugilistic period dramas where the masters unlock the “qi” points in your body.
  • It’s close to TCM styles of acupuncture as well, sans the needles.
  • This pressing and kneading movements will increase basal metabolism and blood circulate.
  • It also improve your lymphatic drainage system and thus, increase the fat breakdown rate.
  • After treatment, you body will be in a constant state of aerobic cell activity for the next 24 hours aka increased metabolism.
  • This also regulates your hormonal secretions and reduces excessive insulin secretions.
  • Once your body’s metabolic rate is increased, the possibility of weight gain is low as your body will have been reprogrammed to burn fats more efficiently.




Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT Station and take exit A. Once you reach the top of the escalator, turn LEFT and walk down a tiny path. You’ll see this building (don’t really know what it is though).

iBeauty Medispa Slimming reviewNope, do not follow the sexy ladies. Instead, veer RIGHT.

iBeauty Medispa Slimming review (1)Orchid Hotel is just there, so walk towards the direction of the arrow…


iBeauty Medispa Slimming review (2)… towards the row of shophouses. Keep right (cos the odd-numbered shophouses are there. The left side holds all the even-numbered shophouses)


iBeauty Medispa Slimming review (3)And ta-dah! Welcom to 55 Tras Street. It’s directly opposite Kko Kko Nara Chicken (a popular Korean food joint)


iBeauty Medispa Slimming review (6)Remove your shoes once you enter and leave them here.



iBeauty Medispa Slimming review (5)A clean and cosy waiting area

iBeauty Medispa Slimming review (8)Round the corner and you’ll enter Narnia. Not. It’s actually the hidden enclave where all the treatment rooms are located

iBeauty Medispa Slimming review (10)All the treatment rooms are behind the velvet curtains (and also a sliding door)

iBeauty Medispa Slimming review (12)Located at the end of the corridor are the toilets as well as…

iBeauty Medispa Slimming review (13)… a little chill-out lounge and corner, presumably for consultation pre- and post-treatment. Near here is also where the dreaded weighing machine is located for the usual pre-treatment measurement taking.

iBeauty Medispa Slimming review (17)Enough wandering around – it’s time to enter the room

iBeauty Medispa Slimming review (16)The usual closet to keep your stuff is beside the wash basin…

iBeauty Medispa Slimming review (15)… and the treatment bed.



To put it simply, I’d call it a full body massage, kinda like the following photo.

iBeauty Medispa Metabolite Wellness Image

It’s quite a deep kneading massage, and cos I’ve got a low threshold for pain, some portions can get a little painful (based on the assumption that my meridian points are blocked, and therefore hurt more). It doesn’t hurt for long though – the pressure placed on each portion is about 10-15 seconds.

iBeauty Medispa 106

These are the meridian points that will be kneaded



The toughest part of it was when it came to my tummy / diaphragm / rib cage area. There was more pressure placed (presumably cos my tummy layers of fat were harder to penetrate), and at points, I felt like I had my breath knocked out of me by a giant anvil sitting on my cage. The therapist had warned me about this, and advised me to take light shallow breaths, but I found that I could barely breathe. I got over it by just holding my breath for each portion of the pressure placement (about 10-15 seconds x 4 times). Otherwise, the massage on my back, legs, and arms were pretty decent – In fact, I found it a really relaxing and much-needed massage, and I would have dozed off had it not been for the need to take note of what was going on (so that I can blog for you guys :D)



I was warned that there would be no weight loss during the first session, not even 1 gram, cos there’s no wrapping or no steaming that would result in the usual water loss. The actual weight loss would come after several sessions (You’ll have to go in for consecutive days , about 3x a week to see optimum results), and this has to be combined with a prescribed diet plan. [so there’s the catch!] So nah, I didn’t see any weight loss. In terms of metabolism, I saw a very slight increase in my energy levels on the day itself and the next. I did have a really good sleep on the night itself though – I guess it’s from all the massaging and kneading that loosened and released all the tension from my bodeh. 😀

I was shown some records from other clients, and noted that a lot of them DID lose 5kgs really fast – from 4 weeks to 6 weeks – but note that this has to be in conjunction with their prescribed diet plan. Remember, no pain, no gain.



  • First Trial: $100 (Usual price $250) for a 30-minute full treatment
  • Full package: 15 sessions at $2,000, with a guaranteed 5kg fat loss.

Bbecause you’re my readers, you get the first trial session for free! Yes, you’ll undergo the same treatment I went through (all 30 minutes) and get kneaded and massaged to a (hopefully) slimmer you.

Simply quote “Cheryl/Beautifulbuns” for a FREE trial or get a 20% OFF the Metabolite Wellness Treatment Package.

Appointments must be made in advance (contact details below), and it’s available at all outlets.



iBeauty Medispa has outlets at:

  • Blk 713 Ang Mo Kio Central #01-4040, Singapore 560713, Tel: 6455 9379, 6455 9124
  • Blk 302 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #01-1850, Singapore 560302, Tel: 6459 8178, 6457 0054
  • 55 Tras St #01-01 (Exit from Tanjong Pagar MRT exit A) Singapore 310184, Tel: 6220 2550, 6220 2554
  • Blk 184, Toa Payoh Central #01-354, Singapore 310184, Tel: 6259 1523

Open from Monday to Saturday: 1100 hrs to 2100 hrs. Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays.

For more information, visit




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