One millionnnnn!

Yes, yes, yes! After 2 years of steadfastly blogging everyday (except for weekends and public holidays), my blog has finally hit a milestone. I am happy to announce that I’ve achieved one million hits!


one millionone meeeeeellion hits baby! Achieved on 9 May 2014

and to think that in July 2012, I’d blogged about achieving 10,000.




I’d like to take this chance to thank every single person who’s supported or helped me in one way or another:


My readers : On the verge of sounding like a cliched Mediacorp artiste, I really couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for putting up with my verbal diarrhoea. Thank you for constantly trusting me to deliver the most informative and helpful blog reviews, and for believing in my judgement enough to purchase the products. Thanks for becoming an online friend too.


My media contacts / brand person / PR agencies : Thank you for keeping me in mind for your brand events and launches, and for sending me stuff to review and try. I am not a self-entitled blogger – I am actually really grateful that I’m still on your mailing list, considering the fact that there are 101 bloggabe (blogger-wannabes) with terrible writing skills who are waiting in the wings to try to shove me aside to take my place (although admittedly, it’ll take something colossal to move this literal huge arse of mine hoho)


Fellow bloggers whom I’ve come to get along with : There aren’t many of you guys who are sincere (I’ve weeded out the rest of the gross ones who only want to make use of my contacts), but it’s been great knowing you guys, catching up at events and in general, setting good blogger etiquette to show the world that not all bloggers are greedy and beady-eyed.


To anyone I may have left out : I didn’t mean to, but you know I still love you deep deep from the bottom of my heart. Alternatively, you may snide text/whatsapp me to reprimand me. -contrite look-


Here’s to the next meeeellion! 


P.S. I’m planning something huge to celebrate this, so stay tuned! 










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