Review: Heroine Make Eyelash Serum

There are several ways in which my money mysteriously develops teleportation skills and disappears out from my wallet:

  1. Whilst I’m browsing Ceci magazine, usually while doing my hair with Jei
  2. If it has a pretty packaging – pink or bling or animal preen usually do the trick.
  3. If it’s used by some famous Korean celeb – think: Hanyul and Jeon Ji Hyun, Hera and Shin Min Ah
  4. If it has a stamp of approval from some renowned Korean magazine or in this case, renowned beauty show Get It Beauty.


I was wandering around Olive Young one day when I saw that this product had placed number 1 on Get It Beauty. There’s no negotiation – It means  I must buy it.

Heroine Make Eyelash SerumHeroine Make Eyelash Serum – KRW14,400


Heroine Make Eyelash Serum (1)

Heroine Make Eyelash Serum (2)


I say…

As you guys know, I like my eyeliners alot. This means drawing the top and bottom lash line as though I were trying to emulate the Spring Summer Look of Racoons Gone Wild. This also means I subject them to a lot of cleansing efforts, and although I do use the gentlest ones possible, it’s still inevitable that I lose some lashes in the process. I realised with horror (sometime in the last 3 weeks) that my lower lashline had balded by quite a bit, and of course I embarked on a binge-buying process.


  • This comes in a normal plastic tube.
  • The wand is not of the best material. It’s kinda tough like normal plastic, and in fact, can be slightly tougher than your usual mascara wand.
  • You really need to exercise surgeon-like precision when maneuvering it near your lash line. One wrong move and you’ll jab your lid or lash line, and trust me, it’s not like a feather-touch.
  • That aside, this product really works. (or else I wouldn’t bother putting up with it).
  • The serum is clear and transparent and has no scent whatsoever.
  • I usually apply 2-3 layers cos I like it like dattttt.
  • In just 1 week, I’ve grown more lashes on my lower lash line (thankfully).
  • The top lashes are also slightly stronger and slightly longer.


Well, since there’s no perfect product in the world, I’ll just make do with this for now. It does work, and  having some lash beats no lash anyways.





11 thoughts on “Review: Heroine Make Eyelash Serum

  1. Hello! Chanced upon ur wonderful blog and am hooked onto it!

    I’m using Jojoba Oil as my eye make up remover. Removes well, is gentle, and doesn’t cause lashes to drop off easily like other eye make up remover! Also protects and nourish my lashes. Am absolutely loving jojoba oil now! 🙂 just sharing, u might wanna try it! 🙂

    Stay beautiful, and I love your reviews! 🙂

    • Hello Lix!

      thanks for popping by! ooh, okay I should check out that as well 😀 That’s another item to add to my neverending list hohoho

      thanks for the blog love and please come back often!


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  3. i just bought one today.. i was really worried that this product might be just a bogus until i read your blog — thank you!! hopefully, this product would work well for me too! ^^

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