Review: Laneige Trouble Relief Cleansing Tissue

I’ve never truly appreciated the beauty of a true makeup remover until I started this beauty blog and doing beauty reviews – I have to set aside a day just to specially take photographs of all the products, and test/swatch each and everyone of them, one after another. This is when I also conveniently test out and review all the makeup removers I get.

Of course, the recent bout of travelling has also made me much more appreciative of this product – cleansing tissue without the liquid, so that it lessens my luggage weight #Ishoptoomuch

Laneige Trouble Relief Cleansing TissueLaneige Trouble Relief Cleansing Tissue – SGD35


Laneige Trouble Relief Cleansing Tissue (1)

Laneige Trouble Relief Cleansing Tissue (2)A fairly large sheet of tissue measuring about 21cm x 15 cm



Laneige Trouble Relief Cleansing Tissue (3)Some lather when rubbing the wet tissue against my skin – the bubbles tend to disappear pretty quickly though.


Laneige Trouble Relief Cleansing Tissue (4)


I say…

  • This is a pretty clever invention if you ask me – rather than lugging around the weight of the liquid and sometimes worrying that not covering it properly and it ends up evaporating or drying out.
  • This comes in a packet of 40 sheets, and each sheet is a generously large-sized pulp tissue.
  • Simply moisten it with water, and you’ll notice some slight lathering.
  • Use the moistened tissue to gently wipe off your makeup.
  • The tissue is soft and non-abrasive, so it doesn’t pull on your skin.
  • There’s a slight scent to it – I’m not sure what it is, but it’s perhaps something herbal-fragrant. Nothing too overpowering or overwhelming, so it’s fine.
  • It removes my most waterproof eyeliner (The Face Shop Twinkle Eyeliner) and also my toughest lip lacquer (3CE Lip Lacquer).
  • Once you’re done, rinse with water, and you’re done! My skin was hydrated and not taut.
  • If you like, you can also cleanse with your usual facial cleanser after that.
  • This product is targeted at adult acne, and that’s apparently what I’m going through these days, so I’m glad to report that I’ve not had any breakouts. Yay!
  • It could be possibly due to the fact that this contains salicylic acid, eucalyptus oil and is non-comedogenic and dermatologist tested.

So far, so good, and a pretty good travel companion. Now book  me on my next trip to Korea alreadyyyyy.





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