Event: Givenchy Poudre Premiere & Prisme Libre

Here’s a slightly overdue post on a Givenchy event that I attended just before I embarked on my quarterly pilgrimmage to Korea. What I can say? It’ was a worthy send-off – a beautiful and classy event showcasing a beautiful luxury product that beautifulbuns will be applying to her beautifool face in time to come. 😀

Givenchy eventPretty giant balloons as part of the decor



Givenchy event (1)


Givenchy event (2)If you look carefully at the stand next to the sexay mannequin, you’ll notice that the stars of the day are perched carefully there – the Poudre Premiere and Prisme Libre. Me? I didn’t notice it until the end of the event. Heh.



Givenchy event (3)



Givenchy event (5)And makeup maestro Larry Yeo takes the stage! Doesn’t he look absolutely dashing and almost Kpop star-like today?




Givenchy event (6)Demonstrating how to use the Prisme Libre and Poudre Premiere



Givenchy event (4)A unique way to apply the powder – I guess it’s an awesome branding tactic as well. So cleber…




Givenchy event (7)And voila! Can you see the Givenchy logo imprint on her chiselled cheekbones – click to enlarge if you can’t see clearly?  Once this is done, use a brush or a puff to gently spread it out over the rest of your face.





Givenchy event (8)


First up, the Prisme Libre, $86 – it’s a 4-toned loose powder that’s designed to give you radiance without being overly heavy. It comes in 3 variations –

  • Mousseline Pastel No. 1: sugar-coated colours which correct and reduce imperfections for a very natural opaline effect.
  • Taffetas Beige No. 2: a cocktail of beiges, apricot and yellow, which delivers a healthy glow in just one stroke of a brush. The skin appears to have been invigorated by fresh air.
  • Voile Rosé No. 7: sensuality and voluptuousness in a mingling of pinks and mother-of-pearl. The result on the skin: a halo of light and radiance.

Givenchy event (14)

Givenchy event shades

The powder grains are more lightweight than its predecessor, and its pigments are treated with atomisation technology. This means they are of equal size and glide on evenly for an ultra-natural peachy-soft skin effect. The product is also scented with lilac and white musk.


Givenchy event (9)


Givenchy event (10)Apply this to get a radiant, dewy and glowy finish, kinda like how Kpop stars do it 😀






Givenchy event (15)Next up, the Poudre Premiere, $86, which only comes in one shade that is said to be suitable for alllll  skin tones. You can apply it as it is, or to set your existing makeup to get a matte finish.


Givenchy event (11)


Givenchy event (12)


Givenchy event (13)In a sexy black box packaging

Now that I’ve been renergised by my two back-to-back trips, I will be on a beauty review binge soon. Watch out for my review of the Prisme Libre – I pwomise 😀


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