Review: IDS Oil-Free Moisturiser

Sometimes, I’m really glad I have a 200-step skincare regime, because otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to finish using my warchest of skincare products. I know it’s exhaustive bordering on insanity, but I guess it helps fuel two things – my love for skincare and my love for writing this blog. But sometimes, that effort is thwarted by simple one-step fuss-free skincare solutions, such as this one from IDS Clinic.


IDS Oil Free MoisturiserIDS Oil-Free Moisturiser – SGD$89 (excl GST)


IDS Oil Free Moisturiser (1)

IDS Oil Free Moisturiser (2)

IDS Oil Free Moisturiser (3)

IDS Oil Free Moisturiser (4)


I say…

  •  As with the IDS C-Plus, IDS Body and the C2 Gentle Cleanser, it also comes in a lightweight frosted matte-finish plastic bottle.
  • The pump has a groove for you to place your finger in, which, as I’ve said before, I likey. It’s just that little 5% more effort put into design and makes it that teensy weensy bit more comfortable.
  • The gel is white and lightweight, without any scent.
  • It’s relatively quickly absorbed and leaves no traces.
  • It also leaves my skin feeling more taut (i.e. firmer), and to a small extent, helps in controlling my facial sebum production throughout the day.
  • I haven’t had any breakouts either (thankfully. These days, my skin has become particularly susceptible and sensitive. meh!)
  • It doesn’t leave my skin feeling super moisturised (no glowy finish there), but neither is my skin dehydrated. I guess I’d call it an efficient moisturiser that does its job.
  • I do notice that some fine lines disappeared though (presumably from the increased moisture levels).


I’d recommend this to people who aren’t overly vain / are in a rush in the mornings. Just apply a toner, C-Plus, this, your sunscreen, and you’re good to go. Zoom zoom zoom~!







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