Review: 3CE 3 Concept Eyes Lip Color Original

When I was growing up, there was a certain stigma attached to the usage of lipstick. It kinda used to be associated with elder ladies, and as an angsty acne-ridden teenager, I steadfastly refused to apply anything other than lip gloss. Although most of the lip glosses I applied were mostly sheer, I was convinced that eventually, I would be able to find something that gave me lipstick colour intensity in the form of a lip gloss. Such is the foolishness of youth. Heh.



3CE Lip color Original3CE 2 Concept Eyes Lip Color Original in #107 Bad Pink


3CE Lip color Original (1)

3CE Lip color Original info

3CE Lip color Original (2)

3CE Lip color Original (3)

3CE Lip color Original (4)Ooh do I look like the model hurhurhur?



3CE Lip color Original model

I say..

  •  To be really honest, this isn’t the usual type of pink I would go for – I’m more of a wow and boomz type of hot pink.
  • The only reason why I ventured out of my comfort zone was because the Makeup Artist at the Dior Backstage Studio official opening tried it on me, and I liked it so much ever since then. Alas, I was trying too hard to be cool and didn’t ask him what shade he used. This is the closest one I could find 😀
  • It comes in a square angled tube instead of the usual circular tube, which helps prevent it from rolling off surfaces.
  • It’s really creamy and glides on so smoothly.
  • The colour is intense, and I only needed 2 coats (and 1 coat of lip balm) to achieve the effect in the photos.
  • If you’ve got less chapped lips than mine, you don’t even need the lip balm.
  • It stays on pretty long (unless you’re eating and drinking), and even then, it tints your lips nicely so that you’ll still have a nice rosy tint on your lips.
  • I like it so much that I went back and bought it in 408 Chu Chu shade (well, it was actually Romeo who chose it for me) – see below.  😀
  • You can buy it online from Stylenanda’s website.


3CE Lip color Original chu chu

3CE lip color original chu chuJust one coat – isn’t the colour intensity amayzzzzing? The skin is from Sulwhasoo’s Whitening Essence BB 😀






8 thoughts on “Review: 3CE 3 Concept Eyes Lip Color Original

  1. Ok this shade is pretty impressive and really matches to what the model was wearing. It suits you very well by the way and love the glossy effect. You are totally right about lipstick and being a youth at some point haha. I was definitely a lip gloss girl until beautiful shades of lipstick swept me off my feet LOL.

    • Hey Donah, I was kinda “meh” about it when the staff introduced it to me, but after I applied it, I was a happy gurl. I’m such a lipstick sucker now too hohoho.

  2. I love the shade! It’s one of those colors that’s like your own lips, but better. And I completely agree about the lipstick = aged thing. Same thing went for eye creams until recently.

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  4. I got myself a 3CE lipstick after reading your review! Got the 408 Chu Chu shade.
    Mine is in the neon pink packaging, though. Could be limited edition? You have one of the best, full frontal and as true to colour photos as possible. 🙂 The colour pulls more pink on me than on you, though. Still, it’s amazing!

    • Hi Maya,
      Yup I actually saw the neon pink packaging one, not sure if it’s a limited edition packaging but mine’s the black boring one 😀 Actually it’s pinker than in the photos – I suppose it’s the lighting. I’ve tried to edit it as best as I could though. Maybe when I have the time I’ll re-take a nicer shot. hehe. but yay now we have pal lippies! 😀

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