Review: L’oreal EverStrong Thickening Tonic

Although I won’t be scoring a contract with Elite Models anytime soon cos I’m only horizontally endowed and not vertically,  I have been genetically compensated in other ways. I’ve always had a full head of hair – I’ve got plenty of volume in terms of the number of strands, and in addition to that, each strand is thick and relatively strong. I’ve dyed my hair crazy red longgggg before the current craze set in (I haz first dibs hohoho), and my hair still survived to tell the tale.

Loreal EverStrong Thickening Tonic red hair2This was me sometime in circa 2009-2010 with The Grooming Editor (follow his Fabulousness on Instagram!). No bleaching was involved –  isn’t the red just crazy vibrant?! And notice the crown of my head – it’s still glossy and shiny and healthy 😀


However, it doesn’t mean I should take it for granted – you think Chewbacca ever thought he’d look good bald? Nope. And that’s why I should take care of my hair, especially my scalp, since our disgustingly humid climate causes more oil to be produced.

Loreal EverStrong Thickening TonicL’Oreal EverStrong Thickening Tonic


Loreal EverStrong Thickening Tonic (1)

A spray nozzle with an extended neck so that you can get in between the hair and target the scalp


Loreal EverStrong Thickening Tonic (2)


I say…

I unfortunately missed the event for this, but the L’oreal ladies were kind enough to ask me to head down to pick up a set to try. It was totally worth the effort (despite my paper bags giving out halfway and having all my goodies were scattered like a breadcrumb trail on my way home hoho so unglam). Turns out that I didn’t really have to worry about missing the presentation and finding out how the product works, cos the effects are clearly speaking for themselves.

  • It comes in a standard-sized plastic bottle with a spray nozzle.
  • The nozzle has an extended neck so as to reach between the hair strands and reach nearer to the scalp.
  • Recommended application is to apply it directly to your scalp after wash, and to massage it in.
  • Since the nozzle is rather targeted, the spritz doesn’t cover a large surface area, so you’ll have to spritz several times all over your scalp.
  • Don’t overdo it, or it’ll drip down your scalp. I recommend about 4-6 times.
  • For me, I apply to the following areas:  the parting area at the crown, since it’s the most exposed to the sun and elements, the back of the head, cos it’s the most sheltered from fresh air, and (there is no better way to elaborate this) the area where a cow’s horns would grow. See, you get the gist almost immediately right?
  • There’s a very cool minty refreshing feel after application, and the scent wafts down to envelope you for at least the next 10 minutes, which I love.
  • After just one use, I realised that the roots of my hair (nearer the scalp) were visibly “stiffer” and not so limpid.
  • I also noticed that it helps to reduce oil production during the day – I now have more “nice hair hours” versus “oily roots, must douse my head in dry shampoo hours”.



If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m loving the product, and have recommended it to my gal pals. In fact I’d even bring it along on my travels despite it not being a handy travel size. And as you’re reading this now, I’ll prolly have spritzed it on in my hotel in Myeongdong and be gadding around terrorizing beauty store staff. hohoho.



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