Event: Opening of Chacott Freed of London at Mandarin Gallery

When I was young, I was much in awe of my friends who took ballet cos they were so elegant. As I grew up, I more or less just gave up that ambition as it became increasingly clear that I have a lack of hand-eye-everything-on-my-bodeh coordination. I mean, till this day I still can’t cycle nor blade nor skate. I’m pretty sure I won’t fare any much better while balancing on something with less surface area i.e. my toes.

Anyhoos, the whole ramble was set off by an event I attended last week – the opening of Chacoot Freed of London. I

To be really honest, I really thought it was a beauty event I was attending, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it’s actually a place that specialises in footwear/apparel for ballet dancers (there could be other types of shoes, but those were all I saw). To cater to ballet dancers’ needs (while dancing on stage, they need long-lasting brighter colours without the weight) , they also have a range of beauty products.


Chacott opening

Chacott opening1

Chacott opening2Aren’t they pretty? Just ignore my el stupido face which photobombed this picture. The displays had mirrors everywhere and I couldn’t get away from my face. hoho.



Chacott opening3If I were still 7 and learning how to do ballet, I’d be badgering my mom like a whiny brat to get me this bag


Chacott opening4Some of Chacott’s makeup items. Apparently their loose powder is really famous – oh really? Challenge accepted.


Chacott opening5Swatching their most popular line of loose powder – it is really ridiculously fine and lightweight


Chacott opening6The HD version which has slightly more coverage, but still equally fine. Like Sun Ho’s China Wine. Not.


Chacott opening7More of Chacott’s products – the price points are pretty reasonable


Chacott opening8The colours from Chacott


Chacott opening9


Chacott opening10

Chacott opening11And the best present of all – cutest little baby ballerina Emma walking around and browsing for Chacott makeup items for her future performances -squeallll- omg so cute right!?

Chacott is located at Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Road, #03-21A Singapore 238897


3 thoughts on “Event: Opening of Chacott Freed of London at Mandarin Gallery

  1. so did you get the loose powder for yourself and how much is it? i’ve been on a lookout for really fine loose powder which has a natural finish and that which helps minimise the appearance of pores. thanks!

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