Review: Espoir Pure Radiance Glowrizer

What I love about beauty shopping in Korea is the constant unearthing of gems – I’ll be strolling along the streets, pretending to be cool whilst stuffing my face with some street snack when suddenly – woah mama, is that a new beauty store I see? Although I didn’t exactly discover Espoir this way (I was helping a gf to buy stuff), it’s still a really refreshing experience to check out a brand for the first time. Back then in 2012, I was so enamoured by these balls that I saw in Espoir that I bought it immediately. Sucker much, yes yes?


Espoir GloweriserEspoir Pure Radiance Glowrizer- KRW28,000

Espoir Pure Radiance Glowrizer info


Espoir Gloweriser (1)

Espoir Gloweriser (2)Ooohhhhh. Baybeh you’re so fineeee



Espoir Gloweriser (3)


Espoir Gloweriser (4)

Espoir Gloweriser (5)


I say…

To be really honest, I’m not a primer or a base type of person. I attribute it to a four-letter word – L-A-Z-Y. Yes yes, you may raise that incredulous eyebrow. I know it can be quite hard to believe that, considering the fact that I’m such a vain pot and I have a warchest of beauty products that could take out Sparta in a flash.

  • This is a primer, base, subtle highlighter, kinda a 3-in-1 product that primes, preps, and pretties your face.
  • The coloured balls come in 2 colours – pearly white and pastel pink. I assume these are for brightening and radiance.
  • One pump is enough for the whole face – sadly, the balls come out shredded into bits, but I guess this makes for easier blending into the skin.
  • It’s really lightweight and doesn’t leave a sticky after feel, so I won’t feel like I’ve coated my skin with too many layers of stuff.
  • I love that it adds a subtle glow to the face – nothing too disco ball-like, but nothing too oilfield-like either.
  • You can use it on your own, or mix it in with your bb cream / foundation. Either way gives you almost the same effect. Personally, I prefer to use it one after another so as to give it time to set.
  • It doesn’t do much for oil control, but it does help to extend the wear of your makeup for a bit longer, maybe 10% longer?


This is a pretty good primer / base that I’d recommend for newbies to primer / base territory. It’s easy to blend, doesn’t go OTT with the sparkling vampire-like effects and sits well. Of course, there’s also the fun (aka cheap thrill) factor of playing with the balls. heh.








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