Review: Lancome Miracle Teint Concealer

Pooooh. I’m having a little trouble getting back into the groove of blogging, simply cos I haven’t had the time to sit down (or rather, stand up) and take proper photos. I’ve had to spend all my energy unpacking my goodies from my recent Korea trip. Argh, my back. I’m such an oldie but not goldie.

Anyhoos, I did a little more digging -not into my luggage, but into my archives- and unearthed some photos that I’d prepared sometime ago, but never got down to blogging.

Lancome Teint Miracle ConcealerLancome Miracle Teint Concealer


Lancome Teint Miracle Concealer (1)A click-my-butt pen brush delivery system. Fine, so it should be called a click-pen.



Lancome Teint Miracle Concealer (2)

Lancome Teint Miracle Concealer (3)

Lancome Teint Miracle Concealer (4)Under a different lighting – I think this was when some clouds drifted across the sky. hohoo


I say…

Well, as you know, I’m so biased towards Kbeauty products that you could call me the Leaning Tower of Kimchi. or something something. But hey, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good non-Kbeauty product when I see it.

  • This concealer comes in a slick and handy little pen-sized packaging.
  • The delivery is simple – just click the end and the concealer will come out through the front at the brush tip.
  • The concealer don’t gush out – one click dispenses an appropriate amount for one use (for me).
  • The brush bristles are very smooth and non-prickly.
  • It glides across the area under my eye smoothly without pulling on the delicate skin.
  • It’s also not too thick nor too viscous, which means the caking and creasing is kept to a minimal.
  • It gives decent coverage (not really strong coverage), but the upside is that it really brightens up the eye area.
  • There’s a decent amount of wear – about 4 hours before slowly disappearing.
  • I like that it can also double up as a nose bridge highlighter – simply dab a few dots down the nose bridge and gently blend it in with your fingertip.

Overall, a pretty decent product that I carry around on holidays (cos I’m too lazy arsed to carry around a brush, my Etude House Highlighter and my IOPE concealer)






3 thoughts on “Review: Lancome Miracle Teint Concealer

  1. This post nothing to do with the products but rather I need advice!! Oh well, I m in Korea now and I guess I went crazy & bought way too much. Not worried about luggage space but rather luggGe weight!! Any idea if Korea airport very strict abt the weight? My airline says 20kg allowance but I hope to hit 25 but worried they will charge me? Anyone has any idea if I shld rush it or I shld juz use EMS & post some items back?

    • Hi Seline, it really depends on the time you check in – if you go really early, you might be able to make it past. However, it also depends on the staff member as well. They sometimes close an eye, but sometimes they are really strict. It’s really all about your luck factor i think. I’ve gotten penalised for a mere 2kg overweight before, and sometimes i make it past with 24kg. If you’re really worried, just ems some of the heavy stuff back. They’ll arrive within 3-5 days anyway, so you don’t have to wait for too long 🙂

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