Review: Za True White Cleansing Foam

Andddd I’m back from Korea! Didja miss me hur hur hur? I was so busy gadding from place to place, and with the ginormous bags of shopping I accumulate throughout the day, I’m usually too pooped by the end of the night to do my usual blogging. But (or butt, if you prefer), you can still catch up with my wanderings and insane spendings via Instagram (preview on the right hand side as well! –>)

Anyhoos, here’s one to get you through the day cos I know you’ve been pining for me, whining for me, wanting to make you mine blah blah  (shameless much I am, I know hohoho)

I’ve been trying thus before I zipped off to Korea – first-dibs on the new Za True White range received during the facial. Now I am very grateful for all the perks that come along with having this blog (and also being an editor in real life) – I get to attend exclusive events, get to see products first hand, have preferential treatment (and learn a life lesson while reminding myself to remain grounded and not become like some other self-entitled bloggers). Of course, the biggest perk of all will be the freebies – and I’ve come to realise that the basic stuff are usually the most important. Stuff like shower gels and cleansing foams are always welcome in my home 😀

Za True White Cleansing FoamZa True White Cleansing Foam



Za True White Cleansing Foam (1)

Za True White Cleansing Foam (2)Look at the creamy foam generated from such a small pea of product!



Za True White Cleansing Foam (3)

I say…

Once again, this Za product has surprised me (like the Essence Lotion).

  • Sure, it comes in a nondescript and pretty much no-frills packaging – it’s plain white with wordings. I don’t suppose you can get simpler than that.
  • Sure, it’s also not the newest product in the marketing. But oldies can be goldies too ya’know – just look at meeee.
  • It’s in the usual standing tube form with a flip-top cap.
  • Squeeze a pea-sized blob and lather it up with some water – and here’s where you go “woah”.
  • It froths up into such a rich and almost-luxurious lather that’s great for swarthing your skin in.
  • There are minor beads for exfoliating, and they aren’t the miniscule tiny ones. They are large enough for you to roll around between your fingers, and they will not dissolve. These are for clarifying your skin’s surface I guess?
  • In any case, it’s non-abrasive, so I’m not fussed about it.
  • For the after-wash feel-  it’s closer to the squeaky-clean finish than the moisturised finish, but it’s not totally squeaky clean till your skin feels tight.
  • It does leave my skin feeling oh so soft though – I kid you not. It’s all in the touch baybeh. Touch it goooood.
  • In terms of whitening – I can’t really tell if it has whitened and brightened my skin tone, but I do know that it hasn’t caused any breakouts for me.

So far, so good. It’s also affordable, so go get yours nao!




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