Event: Launch of Talika Light Duo+

I’d attended this event a couple of weeks back but was too inundated by work to do a proper blog post. Now that I’m about to zip off to Korea in about 5 hours, I decided to clear my backlog of posts. Lol. Like that’s possible.


Talika Light Duo launchBeautiful location at Forlino – if you ever have the chance (or money), come here for their sea bass. It’s the best fish dish I’ve ever eaten in my life, and I’d have it as my last meal. Too bad it wasn’t served at this event :/


Talika Light Duo launch (1)How to use the Talika Light Duo+  – simply put it on the setting that you desire, and press it to your face. It’s automatically activated upon contact with the skin (something along the lines of completing an electrical circuit with your skin acting as the contact point).


Talika Light Duo launch (2)


The Light Duo+ emits 3 types of wavelengths:

  • 525nm: targets melanocytes for anti-dark spots
  • 590nm: targets fibroblasts for anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle
  • 630nm: targets fibroblasts, keratinocytes, blood capillaries for anti-redness


Tests done by Talika have shown the following results:

  • -46% dark spots (2 minutes per day for 60 days)
  • -32% wrinkles (45 seconds a day for 28 days)
  • -66% instantly (1 min of usage)


Talika Light Duo launch (3)


Talika Light Duo launch (4)The smooth large pebble-shaped device almost its into the palm of your hand and is smooth to the touch – to use it, simply grasp it like how you would a bar of soap, and press it to your face.


Talika Light Duo launch (5)The surface that will come into contact with your skin, and the holes are where the light will be emitted from.



Talika Light Duo launch (6)Talika Light Duo+ retails for $575.


[P.S. I’m unable to comment further on the device cos I haven’t personally tried it out for myself. Based on the few minutes that I got to play with it at the event, the vibration is pretty decent, similar to the Missha LED device I have :D]





4 thoughts on “Event: Launch of Talika Light Duo+

  1. sounds cool! I wonder if its a gimmick or whether it actually works… I am desperate to try anything that would keep my rosacea at bay!

  2. I am so jealous that you are in korea right now! I am going in june. Could you recommend some stores/areas to checkout? I am so psyched to shop!

  3. Hi! Just wanted to tell you I’m a big fan of your blog, the amount of effort and humour there’s in every post – oh you’d deserve more readers! I’m always eagerly waiting for new entries.

    This Talika Light duo.. I dunno, the Missha one I’ve seen, looked a bit gimmicky to me. I’m not always sure whether or not I believe in beauty products that look too ‘advanced technology’ (except for salon products).

    Speaking of products, I’ve been thinking of upgrading my milk (in toner→essence→milk→cream etc etc routine), but usually either toner, serum or the cream of beauty lines are ranked high, milks or gels not so. Do you believe in this all steps beauty routine or ever consider the ladies at the shop counters are more interested in your wallet? Do you have any recommendations (except Sulwashoo, which I can’t afford now ;_;). Also, do you have an entry about your general skincare routine? It’d be lovely to read! I’ll start with these enquiries, would love to babble more ww 😀

    • Hi Laura,

      Sorry for the late reply! I was busy frittering my money away in Korea and just got back 😀

      Actually I do kinda feel the same about the light products – I bought the Missha one cos it was cheap and thought it would be no harm to try it out. If it sucked, well, ballocks to me then. hah.

      I try to combine alllll the advice I get from all the beauty staff (and also from the brand people) and even it out with a pinch of salt.

      In terms of routine, I do follow it somewhat, because it makes sense to apply the more lightweight ones on first, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to penetrate the previously-applied thicker cream. Also, cos I’m so vain, I love slathering stuff on. and on. and on. so I’m not really fussed about the number of layers I put on. Insane much I know.

      What kinda product recommendations are you looking at? (ie serum? cleanser? cream? etc) I like Belif’s Numero 10 essence for a daily skin booster, and I’m currently obsessed with Hanyul’s Optimizing Serum (KRW65,000), which is a slightly cheaper alternative to Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating Serum.

      Ok, will try to do up a blog post about my current skincare routine! 😀

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