Review: Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair Visible Fairness Lotion

Did you guys know that March is the de factor whitening month in the beauty market? If you flip magazines, you’ll see tonnes of whitening products being featured, and you’ll also see plenty of whitening products being launched. What’s the reason?  Perhaps it’s some huge head honcho mastermind of the beauty industry who’s helming this, or perhaps Mr Sun decides to go into overtime work in January and February – Heh, obviously, I don’t know the answer, so what the hell, let’s go with the flow.

Vaseline Instant White LotionVaseline Healthy White Instant Fair Visible Fairness Lotion


Vaseline Instant White Lotion (1)

Vaseline Instant White Lotion (2)

I say…

I got the smaller size (gave the larger size away in a giveaway :D), and it comes with a flip cap top.

  • It has a slightly strong fragrance, but doesn’t overwhelm.
  • The lotion is smooth and creamy and sinks right into my skin, leaving it feeling moisturised. However, it’s not extremely moisturising, so I wouldn’t recommend this for those with parched skin.
  • There’s no greasy finish.
  • In fact, my skin felt slightly mattified, which is great cos then I can hop straight into bed.
  • The lotion is pinkish-white in colour, and it actually requires an ounce more of effort to rub it in and ensure that it blends into your skin – it actually reminds me of a primer.
  • I wouldn’t call it instant fairness, but instant radiance instead – do you notice a slight pinkish rosy tinge to my skin?
  • The slight increase in rosiness doesn’t last long though – it’s more temporary.

I guess it would be too much to expect instant fairness that lasts (that’ll be bleach I suppose), so this makes a handy carry-around body lotion for summer months.








4 thoughts on “Review: Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair Visible Fairness Lotion

    • hey thessa, sorry to hear that your skin had a bad reaction to the product! I didn’t have any reaction to it though. perhaps you should change to something else like cetaphil?

  1. my suspicion is correct, vaseline instant fair lotion is the culprit of this itchiness and chicken skin bumps in my arms ( i use this lotion only in my arms).

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