Review: Etude House Chocolate Kiss Perfumed Spray

I must have been a sniffer dog in my past life, or something similar. Scents evoke the most reaction out of me – I can go without food for hours usually, but the moment I catch a whiff of some food, my stomach comes to life and growls like EXO’s song immediately (으르렁 으르렁 eureureong-eureureong anyone?)  Similarly, whenever some ghastly smell wafts into my nostrils during the peak hour transport sardine trip, I get all  “Hell no, you ain’t getting into my personal space here, ya’ hear me?” -hand on hip-

Since my papa and mama brought me up well to have good social etiquette, I ensure that I smell good so that others aren’t tortured by me.

Etude House Choc Kiss Perfumed SprayEtude House Chocolate Kiss Perfumed Spray – $13.90

Etude house choc kiss Perfumed Spray2


Etude House Chocolate Kiss Nail Polish bannerCheck out my reviews on the other products in this range – the Perfumed Lip Set, Nail Kit and Hand Cream.


I say…

I spent the first week faithfully spritzing my hair with this, until I read the instructions – it can be used on the body as well. Yay for multi-tasking products!

  • Now I’m not usually a fan of rose-scented products, cos it can get overwhelming and a little too sickly-sweet. However, this Perfumed Spray is a good mix of Bulgarian Rose Water along with extracts of Elder, Peony, and daisy flowers, resulting in a relatively mild floral scent.
  • When spritzed on my hair, it dries pretty quickly and leaves no sticky residue.
  • It doesn’t make much of a difference in taming my hair – perhaps a 5% improvement in texture? This is more of a scent product than an actual hair product.
  • The scent on my hair lasts about 3-4 hours before disappearing. Note that its longevity wanes as time passes – it progresses from wafting into your nose, to having to grab the chunk of hair and shoving it against your nostrils. Very unglam, I know.
  • When spritzed on my skin, it also dries fast and leaves no sticky/greasy after-feel. – almost like I never spritzed anything on.
  • The scent on my skin disappears much faster than the one on my hair, lasting about 1 hour or so only.
  • The spray surface area isn’t that wide, so make sure to spray it from a good distance so that you can coat more hair/skin with it. If you don’t, you’ll get a smaller surface area that’s dripping with liquid.
  • I prefer not to spritz this onto my face for fear of any adverse reaction – as I said, it’s more of a scent product.

Overall, a handy item to have (and to hold, for as long as you shall eat BBQ and hawker food). It literally makes you smell good from top to toe 😀


Note: Featured photo that you see on was taken from here.




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