Review: Za Essence Lotion

It’s been a while since I’ve tried any Za skincare products – I can still vividly remember the day I went for my first Za event back in 2007ish – holding a blue Za logo as I took the commemorative “guest-was-here” shots heh. Damn uncool.

Anyways, after I attended my very first Za facial a couple of months back. I was much impressed with the results. Who would have thought that the products used are affordable and available on shelves?

Za Essence LotionZa Essence Lotion – $21.90

Za Essence Lotion (1)Note the very tiny micro capsules of essence?

Za Essence Lotion 3Ooh, my skin glows…

I say…

Ever since I was exposed to the wide plethora of skincare products from my Cleo days, I’ve gradually drifted away from Za, but with this, I’m right back on the bandwagon.

  • It comes in a tall plastic bottle, concaved slightly along the sides so that the base and top are wider. This gives a good grip and a wider base at the bottom to prevent it from slipping out of your hands accidentally.
  • This is an essence lotion, which is micro capsules of essence suspended in the lotion (toner). This will give you the benefits of both an essence and lotion toner while saving time.
  • In fact, it’s actually a 3-in-1:  lotion + essence + emulsion. Time-saver much!
  • Simply massage it gently into the skin and feel the tiny capsules of essence melt into your skin, leaving no greasy / sticky residue.
  • Whitening products can sometimes be drying on the skin, but not this product.  On the contrary, I found my skin exuding that Korean glowy and dewy effect after usage.
  • Its key ingredients are whitening 4MSK, double vitamin C, SPA ingredients, white lily extract and pearl extract.
  • The scent of the Essence Lotion is extremely fragrant and really relaxes and rejuvenates my senses. Just take a whiff of it at Watsons (if they have a tester) to be convinced.
  • It’s touted to improve and whiten your skin tone in just 7 days, but I actually saw improvement in just 3 days – slightly fairer skin with more bounce and vitality to its texture.

I’m really pleasantly surprised by this product – I mean, to be really honest, most people just dismiss Za as just your everyday drugstore brand, but this product is proof that you can get value and efficiency for a smaller price tag. I answered several questions during a video interview with Za with the same responses I’m giving here, but I’m not sure if the video is floating out there in cyberspace lol. Lemme know if you see it?

In the meantime, go get yourself a bottle of this – it’s a time-saver, affordable and works well . That’s essentially the holy trinity of any beauty product isn’t it? 😀 check out the rest of the range here.


4 thoughts on “Review: Za Essence Lotion

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  3. I read an article said that the formula of Za Ture White Essence Lotion is similar to Shiseido White Lucent. I heard about Za cosmetics long time ago but I just use this lotion recently. Whitening effect is not really noticeable but its hydrating function is great! ❤

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