Review: IDS C2 Gentle Cleanser

Now, I’m not usually one to go for gentle cleansers, seeing how I could be a millionaire if cars ran on facial oil instead of petrol – but after my visit to IDS Clinic (for a consultation and extraction of some clogged-up bumps), I was prescribed this cleanser to aid in my skin’s recovery.

IDS C2 Gentle CleanserIDS C2 Gentle Cleanser – $67 (excl GST)

IDS C2 Gentle Cleanser (1)

IDS C2 Gentle Cleanser (2)

IDS C2 Gentle Cleanser (3)A very milky liquid that’s spread easily over the skin – not much froth / lather though

IDS C2 Gentle Cleanser (4)

I say…

  • It comes in a tall plastic bottle with a grooved pump as with other IDS products.
  • The matte/frosted finishing is smooth to the touch and doesn’t attract fingerprints.
  • There isn’t much scent to the product – something  very faintly milkish is what I would describe it.
  • I use several pumps (3-5 pumps) for my whole face cos the froth/lather isn’t very much, so I use more product to compensate for that.
  • One good thing about it having less lather/froth is that when I use it with my Clarisonic, it doesn’t froth up into my nose.
  • That said, it’s really much akin to washing your face with milk – well, that’s the sensation I get anyway. Cleopatra meeeee.
  • It leaves my skin feeling relatively clean (though not as squeaky clean as other cleansers), but it also leaves it soft and distinctly more hydrated (without the stripped-dry feeling).
  • I use this on days when my skin doesn’t have much oil secretion, or when my skin’s feeling particularly dry. It’s also great for cleansing any post-treatment areas you might have.

Overall, I’d term this as a recuperation cleanser – something I’d use when I need extra TLC on a certain area without stripping it of the natural emollients.


3 thoughts on “Review: IDS C2 Gentle Cleanser

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