Review: Amore Pacific Hydrating Fluid

I seldom complain about my skin being dry, because like our local public transport during peak hours, it’s always packed full – of sebum, that it. Gross mental images aside, the recent heatwave has left my skin in tatters – literally, my lips cracked more than once despite chugging tonnes of water. To avoid having the same thing happen to my skin, I’ve brought out the tankers – my very expensive Amore Pacific products.

Amore Pacific Hydrating FluidAmore Pacific Hydrating Fluid – KRW60,000

Amore Pacific Hydrating Fluid (1)

Amore Pacific Hydrating Fluid (2)Press the entire silver portion down and the Fluid will be dispensed via the nozzle


Amore Pacific Hydrating Fluid (3)

Amore Pacific Hydrating Fluid (4)

I say…

Since this is the first (of more upcoming) Amore Pacific product reviews – here’s a brief background on the brand. The company Amore Pacific started up with the product line Amore Pacific. This was followed by the numerous other brands under the company’s umbrella (Sulwhasoo, Hera, Innisfree, Etude House, Mammonde, etc). If you thought Sulwhasoo was expensive, rethink again. Amore Pacific is the top of the line for the company (which is why I haven’t really had the heart to open up the few products I could afford). Heh.


  • This Amore Pacific Hydrating Fluid is essentially an emulsion or skin softener.
  • However, the website calls it a gel-textured toner. Potayto, potahto. It’s a milky gel-liquid thingamajig that I use after my Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Whitening Serum and Whitening Spot Serum.
  • It comes in a tall matte-finish bottle with a pump delivery system. Simply press down on the entire silver portion and the Fluid comes out from the nozzle.
  • One pump is sufficient for the entire face.
  • There’s quite a strong powdery scent which I’m okay with, but my bro doesn’t quite like it. That’s fine by me – more for me to use then.
  • The Fluid is lightweight and rather watery, which makes it really easily absorbed.
  • Assuming that the high water content is because of its hydrating qualities, you’ll need to pat it a while more to get it to set in. Once it’s been fully absorbed, your skin will feel more hydrated, more soothed and softer.
  • There’s no after-feel of greasiness nor stickiness.
  • I’ve been using it for several weeks, and although I haven’t seen any change in my skintone, it has helped to maintain (or rather, replenish) the moisture levels.
  • Thankfully, I also haven’t seen any breakouts.
  • Besides using it as a toner/emulsion/skin softener, you can also use this as a day moisturiser if you dislike having icky heavy fewling on your skin.

All in all, a decent emulsion that marks my first session of moneh hurling at Amore Pacific (the brand). I’m pretty sure Amore Pacific (the company) has earned a good 5-figure sum from me already. Someone give me a PR citizenship in the Land of Amore Pacific already.




2 thoughts on “Review: Amore Pacific Hydrating Fluid

  1. This pre-lotion and pre-serum category products are getting popular and more brands produce them. this product reminds me of Fujifilm’s Astalift Brightener (different in concept and key ingredients but the pre lotion and purpose is similar).
    i am now officially a stalker of your beauty regime and obsession 😆

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