Review: IDS Body

I think there’s a lack of body care products in the market – I’m not talking about plain body moisturisers or scrubs, but instead, body blemish products. Look at the insane humidity and heat we suffer from – I can’t possibly be the only one who has bacne, chest-nee and every other damn annoyingly(nee) blemish right, right, right?

Well, perhaps I could be the lone ranger, but anyhoos, the life of a (beautyjunkie) superhero is tough and lonely. I rarely hear of any recommendations from friends, so I do what I can – scrub, peel, apply whitening/moisturising products, and even apply blemish/spot/acne products in a vain attempt to remove  the annoying spots on my chest and back area (which I have to grudgingly agree that it was exacerbated by my long hair).

IDS BodyIDS Body – $100 (before GST)

IDS Body (1)

IDS Body (2)A brown gel that has a refreshing herbal scent and is quickly absorbed

IDS Body (3)

I say…

Now, when I first flipped the IDS product catalogue at the opening of the IDS clinic, this was one of the products I was most excited to try.  And ah-ha! My beauty product-radar wasn’t wrong.

  • It comes in a plastic frosted bottle with a pump delivery system. As with other IDS products (I’ve reviewed the C-Plus already), the pump has a gentle groove in it. Very insignificant, but I like that it feels more comfortable.
  • The product is a gel that’s brownish – not the most attractive colour, I must admit. But hey, if it were effective and neon green, I’d use it still.
  • It has a nice herbal smell – I’m thinking there’s some peppermint or tea tree in there. In fact, it’s kinda similar to the scent of Belif products.
  • Although the gel is lightweight and quickly absorbed, don’t overdo it by applying a thick layer, cos you’ll find that it can actually coagulate. You won’t be able to see it (well, not unless you apply more than 5 layers), but if you run a fingernail across the surface, you can scrape off some brownish gunk which is prolly a gross mixture of sweat, dirt and the IDS Body product.
  • Instead, only apply a light layer 2x a day – morning and night. (so you can use a bottle for a much longer time as well!)
  • It is absorbed into the skin and leaves absolutely no after-feel – see my pictures – and you can immediately dress and go about your day after application.
  • There’s also no stain on your clothes (some deodorants leave white stains).
  • Now here comes the kicker – within just 3 days of using it, I could see the red spots decreasing in number and diminishing in size.
  • Within 1 week, I saw clearer skin at the chest area as well as the back area too.
  • The little annoying bumps “matured” and expelled the whiteheads / blackheads/whatever shitheads there were in there, and healed nicely. I wish I could post photos of the before and after, but seeing as they’re on my chest area, I don’t want to subject you to the horror (as well as getting myself flagged for inappropriate materials -.-“)

Although I love the Orbis Clear Body Lotion Oil Cut, this is wayyyy more effective. Go go go get yours now! Remember, just quote my blog name to get free consultation at The IDS Clinic with the famed Dr SK Tan from now till end of May 2014 only, so you’ll only need to pay for is this product. It seems relatively pricey at first glance, but considering that I only need 1 pump for 1 application, it can actually last you quite a long time.  For more information on IDS Clinic, visit their website here.


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