Review: IDS C-Plus

Omg this has got to be one of the best discoveries of the year 😀 Seldom have I attended an event and gotten so hyped up about all their products  – even my pal from Today paper has caught the bug from me and getting superbly excited about IDS products. Of course, I can’t be a tease and just be posting tantalizing photos of the product without an actual review. Here’s the first of what I foresee to be a truckload of IDS product reviews coming up on this blog.

IDS C PlusIDS C-Plus – $150 (excluding GST)

IDS C Plus (1)

IDS C Plus (2)

IDS C Plus (3)Call me fussy, nitpicker, OCD, whatever, but I think the details matter, such as the slight groove at the pump, into which my finger fits oh so perfectly.

IDS C Plus (4)

IDS C Plus (5)

I say…

  • It comes in a lightweight plastic bottle with a matte finish and a pump dispenser.
  • Now, don’t you go vigorously shaking this bottle – the white portion at the bottom isn’t a liquid-suspension that requires shaking. Instead, it’s the “floor” of the bottle that slowly rises up as the product is consumed over time.
  • There is no scent whatsoever – Max-C, a similar DRx product had somewhat of a botanical, non-fragrant scent stench.
  • Max-C had a more gel-like form whilst this C-Plus is completely liquid, which makes it so quickly and easily absorbed. In fact, by the time I got to applying this on my chin/jawline area, the forehead area already had no trace of the product. The tiny voice in my head emulates my skin going “slurrrrrp” everytime I apply this.
  • There’s no after-feel – it’s not sticky, not oily, not greasy, nothing.
  • My skin feels firmer, and it looks distinctively clearer and more radiant. There’s more life to my skin.
  • A couple of the fine lines have disappeared and some of my open pores have shrunk slightly – good riddance!
  • I’ve also applied this on my neck, and the skin quality seems to have improved as well (thankfully, without a breakout). It’s kinda like a boost of almost-concentrated Vitamin C to the skin.
  • Because it’s also so lightweight, I prefer to use this in the day before the OM (Oil-Free Moisturiser – review coming soon!) so that my makeup doesn’t slide off even if I pile on the products.
  • P.S. Did you know that Dr S K Tan collaborated with a leading Vitamin C specialist in the US (or Japan, my memory fails me) to create this product?

This has become one of my must-apply products everyday, and I highly recommend this to anyone whose skin needs a boost of life. For more information about C-Plus, click here.

Available by prescription from The IDS Clinic – don’t forget, you get free consultation from now till May 30, 2014 if you quote my blog name, so call 6463 5525 to make your appointments quickly! To find out more about IDS Clinic, read my blog review here or visit their website

IDS Clinic is located at #05-07 to 10, Novena Specialist Center, 8 Sinaran Drive, Singapore 307470


6 thoughts on “Review: IDS C-Plus

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  2. Hi, I actually went to DRx and gotten some product. Do you think I should get IDS C-plus or should I get MAX C as introduced by DRx. In a dilemma T_T

    • Hmm it really depends on personal preference. I prefer C-Plus cos it’s absorbed really quickly and doesn’t have much scent. In terms of efficacy, my skin reacts better to the C-Plus.however, I don’t know your skin type and the results you’ll get when you use the two products though..

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