Review: La Mer Lifting Contour Serum

Who would have thought there’d be a day when I’d be able to review La Mer? Oh what a happy day it was when I received this lil baby – at $480, every drop can, literally, be quantified into dollars. And of course, that’s also why my brother and my mom have swooped in like vultures for the kill. Oh, they may think their random “wander” into my room to “borrow some cotton wool” may seem innocent, but uh-uh, YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Hmph.

La Mer Lifting Contour SerumLa Mer Lifting Contour Serum – $480

La Mer Lifting Contour Serum (1)

La Mer Lifting Contour Serum (4)What I also received: A lab sample of the La Mer serum in a clear glass bottle (that isn’t commercially available)

La Mer Lifting Contour Serum (2)

I say…

This is luxury in a bottle.

  • First of all, it comes in a heavy bottle (not sure what material it is, but not gonna drop it to test it hah).
  • The pump is cleverly “protected” by the handle (which doesn’t really serve any carrying purpose). When flipped down 90 degrees, it allows you to depress the pump to dispense the serum. When flipped back up, it stops any accidental pressing of the pump (and thus, any resultant wastage of serum).
  • It smells really good – not overpowering, but enough to evoke your senses.
  • The gel is a good mix of concentrated and lightweight, and is a peachy colour.
  • It’s easily absorbed and has no greasy/  oily/ stick
  • One pump dispenses enough for half my face, so 2 pumps does the job (I’m pretty sure my bro is doing 3-4 pumps hmph).
  • I’ve applied it to my face, jaw and neck (not sure if it’s meant only for the jawline and neck), but feck it, I want my whole face to be well acquainted with La Mer heheh.
  • I’ve been using this for just 2 weeks, and my skin’s radiance has improved significantly. What’s more, it looks clearer and more lively.
  • There’s more boing to my skin (according to the Grooming Editor). -shy-
  • I can see some improvement to my jawline – a slight tightening and more definition.  It isn’t Botox-worthy but hey, it’s better than nothing.
  • I also love that it’s one of the rare few contouring products that doesn’t start a breakout. We ladies are more prone to a hormonal breakout along the jawline.

At $480, I know it’s definitely out of reach for some, myself included. If you’ve got a generous momma, try to con her into buying this for you. My momma’s just gonna try to con me outta my very own bottle. Tsk tsk. Family lurve indeed. Otherwise, you can try other anti-ageing serums such as Hera White Program Biogenic Effector, Belif Peat Miracle Revital Serum Concentrate, SK-II Stempower Essence, or Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate.


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