Review: Belif Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist

I’m having one of the worst breakouts ever – major sad face. I’m sprouting blemishes and spots at the most horrid place ever – the jawline, and even the neck. It’s like my puberty all over again. No wait, that isn’t neccsarily the worst thing – it means.. I’m young! YAYYYYY.

Self-deluded gloating aside, I had to do something to address the issue (which was caused by using a cleanser that my skin clearly didn’t take too kindly to). I changed to the Senka Speedy Whip, which didn’t really work, and this was my next choice. I was actually saving this for my pilgramage to Korea in April, but desperate times skin call for the breaking out of the good stuff.

Belif Creaming Cleansing MoistBelif Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist

Belif Creaming Cleansing Moist (1)

Belif Creaming Cleansing Moist (2)

I say…

Now this has to be the first (or one of the rare few) product(s) that I have reviewed even without owning a full-sized version.

  • It is an almost-pale brown cream with a refreshing herbal minty scent.
  • The scent also gives an aromatherapeutic effect.
  • As it is so aptly named, it is creamy indeed – just add some water and it’ll work into a nice rich lather that’s suitable for use alone, or with your Clarisonic (that’s what I do).
  • It leaves my skin feeling softer and smoother, with a slightly tight feeling that’s enough to let me know that my skin is clean, but not overly stripped.
  • It stopped any further breakouts (thank goodness omg), and my skin is slowly recuperating.
  • It upped my skin’s radiance levels (finally!) and stopped it from looking so dull.
  • It’s supposed to be suitable for dry/combination skin, but I have oily/combi skin and it works well for me.

I like it enough to want to head out and buy a full sized tube, so should you do the same? Yesssss.  The full size is 160ml and retails for $33. My little 30ml tube lasted me about 2 weeks, so your $33 should be well spent 😀


10 thoughts on “Review: Belif Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist

  1. Hi dear, is this facial cleanser mainly targeting on controlling blemish outbreak? Is it suitable for combination skin?


    • Hey Sherin
      The product brochure I have states that this is for all skin types, but I find that it also works for me when I had that terrible breakout (probably cos of its herbal content). I have oily/combi skin and it works well for me 🙂 Hope this helps!

  2. Hi Dalja, I am going to korea tis apr as well! is there any brands you would reccommend for me to find as most product like faceshop or etude house doesn’t suit me.

    • Hi Cai Ling,
      I’m not sure if you’re looking for makeup or skincare, but current faves of mine are Sulwhasoo, Hera, IOPE, Belif. You can also try Innisfree, Mamonde, ONL, Aritaum, Espoir, O Hui, Sum 37, Primera, Amore Pacific, etc. 🙂

      • I’m looking more for skincare! Thanks for your recommendations. Shall go research more details of the brands that you had mentioned. 🙂

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  4. Hi!!

    I’m a fan of Belif! their products are suitable for me, my skin is quite sensitive but their products wont irritate my skin! super like! have you tried their peat revital eye cream? is it good?

    • Hi Yiyi,

      Yay fellow fan! I actually have the product but haven’t started trying it yet – I’ve just swatched it and it seems pretty alright – herbal scent, not greasy, moderate texture. I’ll get a start on it and do a thorough review in about 2 weeks 😀 Check back then?

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