Review: SK-II Stempower Cream

I’ve been meaning to review this cream but I just keep forgetting – it could be partially due to the fact that I have to keep hiding this from my brother who keeps kidnapping it to use.  He claims that the tub of cream grows legs and walks over to his room. -snorts in disbelief- The crafty fella has even uncovered my usual hiding places in my skincare stash drawer, so I have to resort to hiding it in unconventional places like my sock drawer. All sibling bickering aside, he and I both know that this is good stuff.

SK-II Stempower CreamSK-II Stempower Cream

SK-II Stempower Cream (1)

SK-II Stempower Cream (2)

SK-II Stempower Cream (3)

SK-II Stempower Cream (4)

I say…

  • I have had an aversion to the Pitera scent after trying out the Facial Treatment Essence, but thank the heavens (or the SK-II R&D team) that this has no scent whatsoever. phew.
  • It comes in a sensible wide-bottomed tub for greater stability (and easier scraping when the product is finishing) and a spatula for hygienic dispensal.
  • This cream is smooooth. It really feels like there are so many finely-ground granules of ingredients in there (kinda like very finely-ground soya beans in your beancurd daohuey).
  • It glides onto the skin and is easily absorbed without any sticky or greasy after-feel.
  • Now it may seem very hoo-ha blah-blah at this point, but waitttt for it. The effects will come the very next morning. You will wake up to smooooth skin. I kid you not. When you wash your face, you’ll feel that it’s distinctly smoother. It’ll be even smoother if you use it together with the Stempower Essence.
  • I wouldn’t say that it has any whitening or skin brightening effects, but it definitely has shown an anti-ageing effect on my skin, which has become slightly more radiant and has more bounce.
  • One thing about this cream is that once you stop using it, the effects will slowly fade away i.e. if you stop using it on Monday, by the weekend you’ll find that your skin isn’t as smooth.

Overall, a good anti-ageing cream to pamper your skin with at night before you crash and head to lala-land. A 50g tub retails for $129 and an 80g tub retails for $219.




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