Event: Opening of Dior Backstage Studio at Orchard Ion

How can you tell when a brand is major luxe? It’s when you arrive on the dot but it’s already teeming with people, which swells to a crowd of more than a hundred. It was the first time I ever found myself perspiring in the cold of a department store. Such is the allure of Dior. hohoho.

On Friday, they opened their first Dior Backstage Studio in Southeast Asia at Orchard Ion. I’ll be mixing some of my photo with the photos they provided, because it was simply too crowded to take any decent photos. The ones without the watermarks are provided by the brand 😀

Dior Backstage at ION 115The front entrance as seen from the Orchard MRT exit – what you see is a “Dior Runway” galaxy

Dior Backstage at Ion will have exclusive Backstage Pro makeup products and tools, bespoke services and makeovers, and a hand-picked and specially-trained team of Backstage Artists.

What else can you get here?

  • Backstage Makeover (30 mins) – $80 redeemable
  • Special Occasion (60 minutes) Total made-to-measure makeover – $120 redeemable
  • Backstage Pro-Coaching – prices vary on the type of modules

For the full list of services available, see below .

Dior Backstage at Ion services

Dior Backstage at ION 124Now this may seem to be all there is, but do you see the light at the end of the tunnel, literally? That white portion? That leads to the second portion of the store.  This area is the part that’s supposed to emulate the backstage of any fashion show

Dior Backstage at IonShowcasing the latest products

Dior Backstage at Ion (1)

Dior Backstage at Ion (2)Makeup, makeup and more makeup

Dior Backstage at Ion (3)One of the key highlights – the ginormous smogarsbord wheel of lipsticks, lip glosses and nail colors. It’s like every beauty junkie’s dream come true.

Dior Backstage at IOPE 130

Dior Backstage at Ion (4)That’s the Korean makeup artist Jin Se Woong who did such a great job using the new Dior Air Flash Spray-on Foundation on me 😀 The Airflash Foundation comes in 8 shades and is available only at this store.


Dior Backstage at Ion (5)Here’s the Japanese Makeup Artist from Dior

Dior Backstage of ION 147Makeup.. makeup…

Dior Backstage at Ion (11)… and more makeup.

Dior Backstage at Ion 098and ta dah! Here’s the second portion of the store

Dior Backstage at Ion (9)there’s skincare…

Dior Backstage at Ion (10)… I’m loving the Diorskin forever foundation. I think I might just splurge on it.

Dior Backstage at Ion 083And an area that’s pretty interesting – fragrance consultation is available here!

Dior Backstage at Ion (6)

Dior Backstage at Ion (7)I find this really interesting – tiny little crystal funnel-things with a ceramic centre. This is for spray products (the funnel shape is to catch the spray) and the ceramic is better for fragrance diffusion.

Dior Backstage at Ion (8)

Dior Backstage at ION 022And this is the back entrance of the Dior store (near Topshop)

Dior Backstage Studio is located at Ion Orchard, B2-44/46

Call 6636 7232 to book your services or for more information


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