Review: IOPE Retigen Essence Dual Concealer

I’ve been crazy busy this week, having gone to the IDS Clinic official opening on Monday and Beauty Asia on Tuesday where I made friends with the hamsome Korean nail manicurist. Of course, that has taken a chunk of time outta my sleep, which is why I’ve decided to (finally)  blog about this concealer that I’ve been using for some time.

IOPE Dual ConcealerIOPE Retigen Essence Dual Concealer – KRW30,000

IOPE Dual Concealer (3)

IOPE Dual Concealer info

IOPE Dual Concealer (4)A dual-ended product which is confoundedly labelled upside down

IOPE Dual Concealer (1)

IOPE Dual Concealer (5)The concealer comes in a twist-up lipstick tube form while the essence primer can be applied using the soft-tipped applicator

IOPE Dual Concealer (6)

IOPE Dual Concealer (7)

Za Perfect Action Mascara (4)Here I have on only the Concealer on my undereye area: Face (Too Cool For School), Blusher (The Face Shop), Cheek highlighter (CLIO), and Mascara (Za)

I say…

I can’t leave home without this. I used to think that foundation could suffice in covering those dark circles, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

It comes in a convenient double-ended tube, which makes it so convenient for carrying around.

  • The essence primer is for helping your eye makeup stay on longer and acts as an eyeshadow base.
  • I’m not much of an eyeshadow person, so I don’t use the essence primer much. However, during the times that I use it, I’m pretty happy with it.
  • As you can see, it has a beautiful almost-matte finish and brightens the eye area.
  • Makeup goes on smoothly over it and sits well.
  • Now, I’ve got oily eyelids, so it still creases after extended wear. I’m guessing it’ll sit better on ladies who have more normal eyelids.

However, the star of this product is actually the concealer.

  • The concealer comes in a tube form, similar to that of a lipstick. Simply twist it upwards and apply.
  • You can use your fingers to blend it in, but I’ve noticed that if you’re precise enough, you can apply it even without using your fingers.
  • Although there’s only one shade, somehow it seems to suit my skintone almost perfectly (about 5% darker than my actual skintone).
  • It’s kinda like crayon texture, but finer and not as thick.
  • It doesn’t crease even after 6-8 hours of wear (omg, major lifesaver especially on days when I have to attend events for the whole day).
  • I no longer look as tired as I did, cos it brightens up my overall complexion.
  • More importantly, it stays put (unless you’re rubbing your eyes furiously every other hours). In fact, it lasts even longer than the previous Laneige Dark Circle Concealer Kit I used.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this, especially those looking for a good concealer.  Just be sure to swatch it so that you know it suits your skin tone. I’m a Laneige shade 13, and since it’s slightly darker than my skintone, those who are shades 13-21 will suit it well.


8 thoughts on “Review: IOPE Retigen Essence Dual Concealer

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    • The coverage is pretty good. If you’re thinking of getting this, it’s best you buy it soon cos I heard they’re revamping the entire line, so stocks are being slowly phased out. 🙂

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