Event/Giveaway: Launch of Peel-off UV nail polish Striplac

I’ve never been big on nails, but I do know the nail trends – gelish is totally the “it” thang nowadays because it lasts much longer than normal nail polishes without losing its great shine nor chipping, and only takes a fraction of time to dry using the UV/LED lamp.

On the other hand, removal isn’t as simple (unless you’ve got a home kit or industrial strength sandpaper), cos you’ll have to head to the salon to soak and remove it. Now, you can do away with that hassle and still have sparkly shiny manicures with this interesting peel-off UV nail polish from Striplac  which made its foray into Asia last week, starting from Singapore.

Striplac at Sephora

Striplac at Sephora (1)

Striplac at Sephora (4)A super luxe-looking hand cream worth about $100 – to be really honest, I’d rather have the container hehehe.

Striplac at Sephora (2)58 shades of the Striplac Peel-off UV Nail polish, $25 each

Striplac at Sephora (3)

The Starter Kit from Striplac costs SGD$219 and  contains the following:

  • 1x Twin Coat, 8ml (RPR: $25)
  • 1x Colour No. 12, 8ml (Classic Red, RRP: $25)
  • 1x LED-Device
  • 1x Cleansing Pads (RRP: $11)
  • 1x 4-step Multifunction-File (available only in Starter Kit)
  • 1x Cuticle Pusher*

Striplac at Sephora (5)Me looking at the dirt and grime under my nails in shame and trying frantically to gouge them out before placing them out for painting 😀

Striplac at Sephora (7)The colour I chose is a pretty hot pink, 43 Bubble Gum

Striplac at Sephora (8)Both the base coat and the colour coat have to undergo the lamp

Striplac at Sephora (9)Voila! My Striplac nails are all done and super shiny!

Striplac at Sephora (11)In commemoration of the event, there was a pole dancer whom I’ve developed a huge admiration for – look at the chick doing vertical gymnastics on the pole! Plus she has a total kick-ass bodeh too.

Striplac at Sephora (10)One of the (very well endowed) staff members demonstrating how easily the nail peels off

Striplac at Sephora (12Monkey see monkey do – I also peeled off my nails a couple of days after that, and yes, it was pretty easy and fuss-free!

Striplac is available from February 2014 onwards, at all Sephora stores island-wide.
For more information on Striplac, visit: http://www.striplac-southeastasia.com/

P.S. Striplac has generously agreed to give 2 of my readers a trial of this nail polish! 

  • Either follow me on Instagram OR follow me on this blog
  • Send in an email with the header “I want to try the Striplac Peel-off UV Nail Polish!” to beautifulbuns.sg@gmail.com
  • Include your userid (for IG or the name you registered under when following this blog). Don’t forget to include your name, age and mobile number as well.

Winners will be picked at random and only applicable to readers currently residing in Singapore. Contest ends 21 February, 2014, Friday, 10pm. 

Good luck! 


2 thoughts on “Event/Giveaway: Launch of Peel-off UV nail polish Striplac

  1. Hi, I bought the Striplac system in Sephora ION and it worked so well and I loved putting it on. However I had a terrible time removing it and it actually really damaged my nails. Should the base/top coat and colour coats be thick to help remove easier?

    • Hey Carrie,

      Sorry to hear that your nails were damaged.. hmmm.. I’m not really sure if a thicker coat makes a difference – mine was a normal coat, while the colour coats were a little thicker than normal.

      I peeled mine off the very next day and my nails are fine. I don’t usually apply nail polish so that could be a reason? I also saw the manicurists peel off in front of me, and their nails looked fine.

      However, I can’t really be sure and I can’t answer for the brand though. I know that they’re still located at Sephora ION until the first week of March, so perhaps you’d like to head down there to ask them what’s the best application technique?

      Hope you get a good answer! 🙂

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