Event/Facial: Za True White EX Facial

I never used to care about my skin tone – in fact, you’d be surprised to know that I spent most of my uni days in Australia suntanning on the balcony of a home I shared with another girl. Never mind the fact that our lil 6-storey building faced a towering 30-storey office building. I am so glad STOMP didn’t exist back then hohoho.

Nowadays, I’m frantically trying to reverse the effects of my detrimental youth days with whitening products galore, so I was pretty happy to accept Za’s invitation to try their True White EX facial. Now, note that it’s not a commercially available service but you can always get the same effects by just purchasing and using their products.

Za True White EX FacialMy first glance of the new Za True White EX products in the cosy corner of the Shiseido office.

Za True White EX Facial (2)Ta-dah! Here’s the True White EX range that is touted to reduce dark spots and even out your skintone in just 7 days. The magic of this range lies in their Whitening 4MSK and Vitamin C and natural SPA ingredients.

Essentially, Whitening 4MSK is the brainchild of Shiseido after 13 years of research and development. It’s a whitening ingredient that stops melanin production and eliminates melanin to reveal translucent fair skin.

The star product from this range is the True White EX Essence Lotion – no it’s not a confused child that doesn’t know what it is. It’s actually an essence product encapsulated in a lotion, which makes it a 2-in-1 product. It contains 4MSK, Vitamin C, Spa ingredients, and White Lily extract to reduce dark spots in 7 days and whiten your skin tone. (Review to come soon!)

Za True White Ex Essence Lotion

Za True White EX Essence Lotion 150ml – $21.90

product za true white ex essence lotion

Photo taken from here

Za True White EX Facial (1)It’s amayzzzing to marvel at the amount of work that went into converting a normal boring meeting room into a facial room – seriously, the Za team should consider setting up an interior decor subsidiary company

Za True White EX Facial (3)

Za True White EX Facial (4)

Za True White EX Facial (5)Heading into the facial area where there’s even a dressing table and Za products for me to touch up my skin after the facial.

Za True White EX Facial (6)A real massage bed was even carted in specially for this occasion. Oh hey, and that’s me after the facial, with no makeup 😀

Now of course massage techniques work, but the efficacy of the products also do a play. I found that my face was actually slightly brighter after the facial, despite there being no use of a machine (those dermabrasion machines usually help in removing surface and accumulated dirt on the face to reveal a brighter skin tone). The products smelled really good and soothing, and I remember drifting off slightly during the facial.

Having used quite a number of whitening products, I found that some of them were quite drying on the skin (which is why I had to rotate them around with my hydrating products). Za has addressed this issue by including Spa ingredients (natural hot spring water, trehalose and trimethylglycine) along with white lily extract to up your moisture levels and keep your skin hydrated.

One unexpected star product was the  Exfoliating Clay. The marketing spiel is “The Za True White Ex Exfoliating Clay clogs dullness-causing dirt that clogs pores and also effectively removes dead keratin cells that contains melanin. Use the Za True White Ex Exfoliating Clay once or twice a week to unveil a brand-new translucent and bright skin.”. You know what? I agree! Surprisingly, it made my skin feel so soft and smooth. I’d totally recommend this as a scrub for anyone – it’s affordable and it works well.

Za True White Ex Exfoliating Clay

True White EX Exfoliating Clay – $15.90

Prices of the other products in the range are as follows:

  • Cleansing Foam – $12.90
  • Essencen Lotion – $21.90
  • Toner – $23.50
  • Emulsion – $21.90
  • Day Cream – $25.90
  • Night Cream – $25.90
  • Exfoliating Clay – $15.90

Za True White Ex Group Shot (2)The True White EX range is available from 3 April 2014 onwards.

Are you ready to reduce your dark spots and even out your skin tone in 7 days? 😀



5 thoughts on “Event/Facial: Za True White EX Facial

  1. What an awesome line! It looks like it’s going to be a good one so hopefully I can try it out when it comes out in April! You look pretty without makeup btw~~^^

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