Review: Tsubaki Shining Hair Water

At long last, majority of the over-permed portions of my hair have finally grown out. Although it’s a far cry from the days of maggi mee ramyeon hair, it still isn’t the advertisement-worthy quality I’d desire it to be. But perhaps, just perhaps this will help me on my way to becoming a hair model (so I can whip my hair back and forth, I whip mah hair back’n’forth yeahhhh).

Tsubaki Shining Hair Water (1)Tsubaki Shining Hair Water – $16.90

Tsubaki Shining Hair WaterIt comes with a white plug to prevent accidental usage while it’s being displayed in stores (although that’s no guarantee that some itchy-handed twerp will remove it still – where have all the social graces gone?!)

Tsubaki Shining Hair Water (2)

I say…

This was launched as part of Tsubaki’s Out-of-Bath range of products, an add-on to its existing line of haircare (shampoo, conditioner, etc).

  • It’s a generously large bottle (just the liquid portion alone is about 14cm high), which is good, considering that spray products tend to finish a lot faster due to a larger amount of product being dispensed.
  • That said, it’s not the type of product you’d carry around (cos of the size). I’d put this either at home or in the office.
  • The spray handle isn’t flimsy, and dispenses an appropriate amount over a decent surface area with one spritz.
  • It has a pleasant floral scent that doesn’t overpower.
  • The liquid is a clear liquid that doesn’t make my hair sticky or clumpy.
  • Even if you got it on your hands/fingers, there’s no sticky after-feel so you don’t have to rush for a tap to wash your hands.
  • On the other hand, since it says Shining Hair Water, I kinda expected to see glossy silky hair (or a significant improvement in hair appearance), but I didn’t. There is a slight increase in shine only because it tamed   my flyaway stray hair and frizzy ends.
  • I guess its formulation of camellia oil, camellia leaf essence and hyaluronic derivative resulted in my hair becoming more behaved after applying this.
  • There is also a Refill Pack available for $13.50. Available exclusively at Watsons.

If you’re looking for super visible almost-miraculous results, instead of getting your hopes up high, you should treat this as a hair fragrance or a hair hydrating product instead. It’ll be great for hot days – you know, kinda like yesterday, the day before,  the day before that, anddd the day before that. What’s with the heat wave? Ick.


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