Review: Alterna Caviar 10-in-1 CC Cream for Hair

From time to time, something very mindblowing will pop up in the beauty world – today, I present to you a CC cream… for your hair.  Like woah, mindblown. And to think I had actually stored this in my BB / CC cream / foundation stash. Thankfully I wasn’t in a comatose zombie-like state when I opened this, or I would have smeared this cheerily to my face and waited for it to change to a beige colour.

Alterna Caviar 10-in-1 CC Cream for HairAlterna Caviar 10-in-1 CC Cream for Hair – US$25

Alterna Caviar 10-in-1 CC Cream for Hair (1)10 benefits in one product

Alterna Caviar 10-in-1 CC Cream for Hair (2)

Alterna Caviar 10-in-1 CC Cream for Hair (3)freshly applied

Alterna Caviar 10-in-1 CC Cream for Hair (4)After about 5-10 minutes

I say…

This is totally bizarre  – I’m faintly suspicious that Alterna is just jumping on the bandwagon of CC creams (seeing its growing popularity), and they just decided to anyhowly name their product a CC cream. Traditionally, CC cream is an abbreviation for colour control, complexion control, colour change, etc – essentially linked to face, complexion, colour, you get my gist.  Maybe ermm in French? Hair care = Chaveux Care?

  • Anyhoos, my gripes about the name aside, this makes for a pretty decent hair care product.
  • I’d call this a leave-in conditioner or hair treatment.
  • It comes in a standing tube with a pump dispenser – a first that I’ve seen cos they usually come in squeezy tubes. Yay for product hygiene.
  • It has a pleasant scent that doesn’t overpower.
  • It’s a lightweight gel-cream that is easy to apply and dries relatively quickly.
  • I also like that it doesn’t have a sticky residue on my fingers, so you don’t have to rinse your hands if you’re in a rush. For hygiene purposes, I’d still advocate that you wash your hands. Don’t be a durtyyyyy gurl.
  • It doesn’t leave my hair clumpy (or show any signs that I’ve actually applied anything to it) – it’s kinda an airy fairy feeling and doesn’t weigh it down.
  • It leaves my hair looking less dry, and helps tame the ends so that they don’t look so flyaway aka hay-like.
  • It says it’s a 10-in-1, but I don’t see it having much hold in terms of styling my hair and keeping it curled. It does smoothen it, add shine, make it softer and thus make it more manageable. Perfect for days when you wanna whip your hair back n’ forth.

Overall, a decent haircare product that gives a good finish and feel, but personally, I wouldn’t pay US$25 (approx SGD31) on it, simply cos I can get 2 from Etude House for that amount of money, and cos I’m a cheapskate. Available from Sephora instores and online.


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