Review: Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara

I love the end of the year for a wide variety of reasons, but the main one is because of the cooler weather – after 300+ days of sweltering pit-staining humidity, we finally have some respite . Deck the halls with pillows and comforters I say 😀 Because of that, I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open, which is why I’ve decided to indulge myself and try out more mascaras.

Guerlain Maxi Lash MascaraGuerlain Cils D’Enfer Maxi Lash Mascara

Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara (1)Isn’t the gold packaging absolutely gorgeous?

Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara (2)

Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara (4)The lovely glow on my cheek is courtesy of 3CE Highlighter Beam in pink 😀

Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara (3)Once again, don’t judge my vaguely unnatural grey coloured contact lenses – I only wear them for exercise purposes heh.

I say…

I’m pretty surprised with the results, considering Guerlain isn’t famous for its makeup but more for its Orchidee stuff.

  • It comes in a super luxe-looking gold case which will make you the envy of your friends, but is a nightmare for any photographer.
  • It’s a mostly-angular tube with curved edges so that it fits nicely into your hand but doesn’t go rollin’ down the river (or your dressing table).
  • To achieve the above effects, I applied 2-3 coats, and surprisingly, it didn’t clump as much as some other mascaras.
  • I had curled the lashes prior to application, but surprisingly, they remained up after the 2-3 coats (it wasn’t weighed down like some other mascaras).
  • My lashes remained relatively separated, with visible extension.
  • I wouldn’t say there’s a lot of voluminising though – there’s some, but not alot.
  • The brush was easy to use and managed to reach most of my lashes. However, as with all other bristle brushes, the tip tends to accumulate some mascara, so wipe it off before applying.
  • This is water-resistant but not waterproof, so as long as you’re not crying a river, it should hold up the entire day.

All in all, a pretty decent mascara that doesn’t clump much, uplifts and doesn’t smudge much either.  It’s selling on Sephora for $30 (I assume to be US dollars).


3 thoughts on “Review: Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara

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  2. Nice photos and good efforts. Like how your intake on this mascara. But was just wondering how somebody doesn’t know well what they’re talking about write like does indead. The house of Guerlain is one of the top notch leader in the makeup industry which consumers and critiques equally wait for its’ seasonal launches. If you’d ask they’re better knows for their skincare products to makeup, that’s far cry from the fact. As well as YSL beaute, Guerlain is all about makeup, firstly. Starting your review on the mascara by saying “not that well introduced by consumers on anything much”.. is a bit silly don’t you think?

    • Hey Sandray,

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

      I guess my review can come across “a bit silly” to you, since you’ve misquoted me – I didn’t say “not that well introduced by consumers on anything much” (which is grammatically wrong and doesn’t make much sense actually). I said “I’m pretty surprised with the results, considering Guerlain isn’t famous for its makeup but more for its Orchidee stuff.” But perhaps it’s possible you misunderstood it?

      The reason I said that Guerlain is more famous for its Orchidee range is because it inculcates more than 13 years of research with 3 orchidariums around the world. Guerlain’s orchids are grown in their natural habitats for 7 years to preserve their natural longevity power (as opposed to lab-grown orchids which take a shorter period of time). That amount of research justifies the hefty price tags.

      I’m not discounting their makeup line – like everyone and critics (not “critiques” as you wrote), I also love its (not “its’” as you have said) seasonal launches too – majorly gorgeous! And of course, their world-famous meteorites (and its variations) are one of their top-selling makeup items.

      Since you told me “if I ask” – I have done so 🙂 I have asked someone working in Guerlain – currently, they are well-known across all 3 axes, which are skincare, fragrance and makeup. So it’s definitely not a “far cry from the fact”.

      Also, if you must harp on about facts, Guerlain actually started out as a fragrance houses – a royal perfumer to royalty such as King Napoleon’s wife, Queen Isabella of Spain, Queen Elizabeth etc, so this would mean that they are not about “makeup, firstly”.

      Happy 2014 and thanks for coming by my blog! Let’s all be awesome this year! 🙂

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