Review: Fancl Facial Stretch Gel

Instead of taking selcas/selfies from a top-down angle, I used to swear by Holika Holika Plumping Heart V Line Mask – until they discontinued it. Then, like a locust seeking out the best V-line product, I flocked over to the Clarins Shaping Facial Lift and the new Dior Capture Lift V-Liner Masque Corset Ultra-Stretch Corset Mask – until I realised that they both gave me spots along my jawline. My jaw and chin are such twitchy characters – like grumpy angsty people trying to get on an overcrowded train during the peak hour,  it takes very little to set them off. gah.

But you know what? In the spirit of never-say-die (or rather – don’t-know-when-to-stop), I’ve persisted in my hunt for a good facial lifting product to give me the smexiest V-line face… and by golly, I think I may have found it!

Fancl Facial Stretch GelFancl Facial Stretch Gel – S$68

Fancl Facial Stretch Gel (1)

Fancl Facial Stretch Gel (2)Facial massage techniques – click to enlarge

Fancl Facial Stretch Gel (3)

Fancl Facial Stretch Gel (4)

Fancl Facial Stretch Gel (5aCropping out my eyes cos I don’t want you to be distracted by my beautiful peepers. I kid. It’s more cos I got slightly cross-eyed trying to figure out where to look out whilst not smiling.

I say…

I haz nothing else to say, cos  the pictures speak for themselves. I now haz a vaguely lopsided jawline cos after 1 week of usage., one side is visibly slimmer than the other. Woohoo!

  • The packaging is pretty simple – it comes with a seal-fresh cap that you have to twist open before getting to the pump.
  • The clear gel is lightweight and scentless.
  • One pump is enough for both sides of the  jaw, so during my testing period, I used half a pump for one side of my face along with some part of the double chin and neck.
  • It’s quickly absorbed and leaves no sticky nor oily film.
  • There’s a cooling sensation (not icy) that’s typical after you apply any type of skincare product.
  • When used with the right massage techniques, I actually felt the jaw/neck area feeling more invigorated, kinda like more blood circulation was going on.
  • There has been a very very minor outbreak on the jawline, just several red spots (not pimples) that go down really quickly after I dab them with the Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot. This is really nothing compared with the Milky Way of Spots I got with other products, not to mention the hard and stubborn unripe-able acne and pimples I’d get.

Overall, an awesome product that I’m really excited to have found. Everybardy, go out and buy yourself a bottle now, especially since it’s a limited edition item! Just be sure to finish it before it expires – that’s just such a hassle with all Fancl products. Damn. Now how do I go about stocking up??


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