Review: Hera Candyfloss Lip Mousse Stick

Finally! After going off medication for some time, my lips are finally recovering and aren’t flaking, caking and shedding all over the floor like some geriatric pomeranian. It’s time to bring out the pretty lip products, so that at last, their potential can be fulfilled! 😀

Hera Candyfloss Lip Mousse Stick 1Hera Candyfloss Lip Mousse Stick

Hera Candyfloss Lip Mousse Stick 2A soft rubber tip with 5 tiny holes for dispensing the mousse.

Hera Candyfloss Lip Mousse Stick 3

I say…

Now since you guys know I have the penchant for hoarding, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this isn’t one of Hera’s latest launches – I think it’s from their Autumn/Winter 2012 collection – sheepish grin- Anyhoos, since beauty products have a shelf life of at least 2-3 years, this is still usable.

  • You can dispense the mousse by turning the click-twist mechanism located at the back of the tube – similar to the Laneige Natural Eyeliner.
  • It takes several turns to dispense the lip mousse during the first time that you use this product.
  • The angled soft rubber tip has 5 holes from which the lip mousse comes out from.
  • The mousse  (well, it’s actually lip gloss) has a nice fragrant scent that’s almost candy-like. I kid you not. -smacks lips-
  • It’s very smooth and liquid, but not watery, and is easily spread over the lips.
  • The colour is rather vibrant, but as it’s a lip mousse/lip gloss, it doesn’t have an intense colour. In a way it’s  like what a skin base/primer is to a foundation – it gives a nice glow but doesn’t have coverage.
  • It gives a nice gloss and shine to the lips with a touch of colour and livens up your overall look.
  • It doesn’t work well on chapped lips – i.e. it tends to draw attention to the bad parts, so make sure you apply some lip balm or have luscious puckers before applying this.

As much as I like Hera, I’d have to say this isn’t my favourite lip products – it could be because it’s not my type of colour. I got this as a gift, so beggars can’t be choosers. I’d have preferred a hot pink colour any day. Anyone wanna adopt this fella? I’m giving it away for free (if you don’t mind that I’ve swatched it 3-5x before?).


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