Review: Belif Problem Solution Green Essence

As the year draws to a close, so does my energy level. I feel all lethargic and totally in a I-wanna-sleep-till-the-cows-come-home mood. Looks like my prediction of a zombie apocalypse will come true soon – I will be the queen of all zombies, except I’ll be totally fabulous and have great skin.

Despite my mindless wandering around the house in search of food to eat, I still steadfastly stick to my skincare regime, and this few weeks, I’ve welcomed a new recruit into my skincare army.

Belif problem solution green essenceBelif Problem Solution Green Essence – S$57

Belif problem solution green essence (1)

Belif problem solution green essence info

Belif problem solution green essence (2)

Belif problem solution green essence (3)

I say…

As you can tell, I’m a total fan of belif, although I’ve yet to conquer all their products. In fact, you could say that I’ve got belief in belif lolol ok sorry for the lame-ass pun.

  • As with all belif products, the packaging is simple and fuss-free, and free from the slew of artificial preservatives.
  • It also consists of many herbs, and prolly accounts for the faint aroma scent, which I love.
  • The cream-gel is slightly yellowish in colour (Y U not green?) and is easily absorbed, despite it looking slightly thick. It’s pretty lightweight actually.
  • It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, and when applied onto irritated skin, more calm.
  • There’s no sticky nor oily residue.
  • It’s meant for the full face, but I’ve been using it on problem areas such as the chin and jawline. Note that this is not a targeted spot treatment – it’s more of a skincare regime that will help in the prevention of outbreaks.
  • It can also function as a daytime lightweight moisturiser if you run out of creams or just prefer a lighter finish. In fact, I’d say that it feels even lighter than the Numero 10 essence, which isn’t even heavy in the first place.

So far, this new recruit has been performing well, and I find that the skin at the chin area is softer and not so dry, despite me picking and poking at the bumps in an attempt to excavate them. This is  also suitable for sensitive skin.


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