Review: Innisfree X Jill by Jill Stuart Waterproof Color Pop Liner

I know I can get stuck in a rut sometimes, but I really just can’t get enough of eyeliners! Somebardy get me into Eyeliner Rehab School nao~! But then again, I don’t think there’s one yet, so perhaps I should just set up my own lolol.

Innisfree Color Pop LinerInnisfree x Jill by Jill Stuart Waterproof Color Pop Liner – KRW9,000

Innifree color pop liner info 2

Innifree color pop liner info

Innisfree Color Pop Liner (1)

Innisfree Color Pop Liner (2)Left stroke – if you apply without shaking the tube properly. Right stroke – after being well shaken

Innisfree Color Pop Liner (3Staring pointedly at… nowhere in particular actually lol. I’m really such an awkward selfie person.

I say…

I’m usually not a fan of collaboration items, so I was teetering between getting this or just getting out of the store without one. At the very last minute, I decided “waddahell, since I’m here, I might as well,” and dumped one into my shopping basket.

  • It’s a very slim eyeliner.
  • There’s no scent.
  • You can feel all the weight at the colored portion (i.e. the solid colored area of the tube).
  • You must, must, must shake this liner well before use. Otherwise, you will get a very watered down and almost transparent grey line.
  • Once you’ve channelled your inner bartender and given it a good shake and swirl for good measure, you’ll find a decent black line peppered with lots of glitter (which thus makes it look vaguely gunmetal grey from certain angles due to the reflection). If you want something with a darker black intensity, try the Laneige Natural Eyeliner or The Face Shop Twinkle Pen  Liner.
  • The felt tip makes for rather precise application, but when combined with the consistency, might make corner application a little iffy.  (look at my above photo)
  • I just need 2 coats to get the above effect.
  • Surprisingly, it lasts really long, and doesn’t smudge nor run on my oily eyelids.
  • It is water resistant (aka doesn’t smudge when it comes into contact with water), but can be easily removed with water.
  • What I love is how it’s removed – it comes off in flakes, so there’s no panda or raccoon effect.
  • One downside is that because you need to shake it really well before application, it’s not the type you can whip out to touch up in a jiffy. It prolly adds about 10-15 seconds to your makeup routine.

It’s really affordable at just KRW9,000 as well, so I say go forth and get it!

Here’s how you can rock all the other colors with this tutorial from Get It Beauty 😀


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