Event: Shiseido White Lucent & Spring Summer 2014 launch

Come one, come all – it’s been a barrage of events last week! For the Shiseido family, it started with young lil’ sista Za launching its Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge on Thursday, and then big sista Shiseido took the stage with its Spring Summer 2014 collection. Here’s what you can look forward to 😀

Shiseido SS 2014 1Blinded by the ultimate whiteness (and potential brightness of your skin) with the new Shiseido White Lucent Total Brightening Serum, $159. This will be replacing the previous version (the Intensive Spot Targeting Serum), and boasts a host of new ingredients, such as reverstarol and scent of rosenium to help prevent / eradicate melanin and its production.

Shiseido SS 2014 2The existing  White Lucent skincare family members. This looks vaguely like a family portrait, doncha think?

Shiseido SS 2014 5What I was really excited about – the Spring summer 2014 colors! The photo on top (full black body) is the existing Lacquer Rouge, $43 each, but now comes with 7 new shades. The photo on top (but half-coloured body) is the new range – Lacquer Gloss. It comes in 8 shades, and if I daresay, is pretty similar to the Za Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge.

Shiseido SS 2014 6Shimmering Eye Color, $32 each – now with 8 new shades

Shiseido SS 2014 4What I’m superrrr excited about – Face Color Enhancing Trio. This is a full-face palette to create dimension to your face. There are a total of 4, and comes in two variations – two for highlighting and two for shading. You can tell the difference by seeing the middle colour – the darker brownish tones are for shading and the brighter lighter colors are for highlighting.

Shiseido SS 2014 12Yet another product that I’m super psyched up about – Sheer Eye Zone Corrector. Essentially, this is something similar to YSL’s Touche Eclat and Lancome’s Miracle Teint. It comes in 6 shades, and I love how they are segregated. For each skin tone, there’s a different type of concealer effect.

  • For light skin: Shades 101 (for a brightening effect aka not-so-bad panda eyes) & 102 (for the more terrible panda eyes)
  • For medium tone skin: Shades 103 (for a brightening effect aka not-so-bad panda eyes) and 104 (for more terrible panda eyes)
  • For darker tone skin: Shads 105 (you should get this by now – for a brightening effect) and 106 (for panda-da-da eyes)

Shiseido SS 2014 9And the rest of Shiseido’s makeup range 😀

Shiseido SS 2014 8

Shiseido SS 2014 15

Shiseido SS 2014 11

Shiseido SS 2014 13

Shiseido SS 2014 10

I suddenly feel very inspired to go out and buy alll of Shiseido’s makeup stuff. Damn. Restrain yourself gurl!


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