Review: 3CE 3 Concept Eyes Back to Baby BB Cream

It’s a new week, which means it’s time to open up a new beauty item!  I haven’t yet had the  heart to open up my 3CE lip pigments yet hurhurhur, so I’ve decided to try this BB cream first. If you must have some smooching lurve, check out my review for the 3CE Lip Lacquer.

3CE Back to Baby BB Cream3CE 3 Concept Eyes Back to Baby BB Cream

3CE Back to Baby BB Cream info 4

3CE Back to Baby BB Cream (1)The cap is suprisingly made of some metal material, so it’s slightly more weighty than your usual plastic cap (I don’t mean heavy)

3CE Back to Baby BB Cream (2)

3CE Back to Baby BB Cream (3)

3CE Back to Baby BB Cream info 2In case you’re considering getting the Glossing Waterful Foundation – I prefer more coverage, which is why I went for the BB cream

3CE Back to Baby BB Cream (4)Forgive the slight blemishes – hormones usually drive my jawline nuts during that time of the month

3CE Back to Baby BB Cream (5)

3CE Back to Baby BB Cream info 3Yes yes, I know I look nothing like her lol. That’s why I’m using this photo as the last one so that you’re left with a more lasting (and less icky) impression in your mind.

I say…

  • This BB cream is slightly more viscous than the other BB creams – it’s not watery but you can feel that there’s defo more moisture in this product.
  • Naturally, you’ll get a more dewy and glowy finish. The shine (after a long period of wear ie 5-7 hours) can semi pass off sebum / oil secretion around the edges of the nose. Bring on the blotting sheets!
  • The coverage is surprisingly decent for such a viscous product – it’s not as great as Vidi Vici Brilliant BB cream though, but good enough for days when you’ve got almost-perfect skin.
  • I love, love, love the scent of this product – it makes me feel almost as pretty as the 3CE model lol. delusions in the first degree at 4.30am.
  • It spreads easily and doesn’t pull or drag on the skin when you apply.
  • You’ll need a few more layers to cover the dark eye circles – in my photo above, it took about 3 coats to get that effect.
  • It’s pretty lightweight and doesn’t make my skin feel too bogged down.
  • It lasts about 4 hours and is clearly not a heavyduty BB cream.
  • Overall, it gives a pretty natural finish with quite an amount of glow, and is great for days when you want to look like a just-woken up almost-grumpy MV Korean goddess.

It comes in one shade only, so if you’ve got a similar skintone as me, you can buy this Back to Baby BB Cream at Style Nanda’s website.


6 thoughts on “Review: 3CE 3 Concept Eyes Back to Baby BB Cream

  1. Is this bbcream too bright ? I mean there is only 1 shade for this bbcream and I don’t have a very fair complexion. Would my face looks too birght ?

    • hi, if you say that your complexion doesn’t seem to suit this colour, then perhaps you should skip this product and try others that have a variety of shades instead?:)

  2. Hi there, I am very pale with yellow undertones (like you, yes?). I have purchased many BB Creams online – my only choice since I live in Australia – but I am so sick of ending up with pink undertoned BB’s (makes me look ill), neutral/peach undertoned BB’s (straight up orange on me), or yellow enough BB’s that I need to mix with white foundation. Wasted too much money in the last few years, and am soooo over having to mix my perfect shade every day. There’s got to be a pale yellow one out there! Can you recommend any shade #13 or #17 that are yellow ? Or maybe even some single shade BB’s that are very pale yellow? Thank you!

    • Hello! I usually gravitate towards the pink-tinged ones, so here are some yellow-tinged ones you can try : The Face Shop’s Cushion Screen Cell, Etude House Stay Up Foundation in Beige, Hada Labo Air BB Cream, Ohui’s Moist CC Cushion / Ohui Mineral Base BB Cushion, VDL Beauty Metal Cushion, and Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation. These are the most recently-reviewed ones (in 2014) that I can recall off the top of my mind cos I remember giving them all away cos they were a slight bit too yellowish for me. I’ve heard that For Beloved One has good BB creams too, but you might have to mix it to get the tone that you want. Good luck and i hope you find the perfect product soon! xoxo

      • Thanks so much for replying 🙂 it’s such a small thing but greatly appreciated since most bloggers ignore anonymous comments! I will research the products you mentioned to see if they’re pale enough for me. Have a great day! xo

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