Review: Vidi Vici Perfect Lasting Lip Stain

I usually have an abhorrence to opening any of my newly-purchased beauty items (I just wanna continue seeing them in their pristine pretty state), but this time, cos I’ve finally hunted down Vidi Vici, I’ve thrown all caution to the wind and opened (with much aplomb) my 2 new purchases, the Vidi Vici Brilliant BB Cream and this Perfect Lasting Lip Stain which I bought on a huge discount 😀

discount on websiteThis is their holiday discount, so click here if you wish to purchase it  (not sure if they ship internationally though)

I cannot fathom their discount prices … if the BB cream was KRW45,000 and the Lip Stain was KRW22,000, how do you earn money selling this as a set at KRW39,000? Totally works to my (inner cheapskate) advantage though hurhurhur.

Vidi Vici Perfect Lasting Lip StainVidi Vici Perfect Lasting Lip Stain – KRW22,000

Vidi Vici Perfect Lasting Lip Stain (2)

Vidi Vici Perfect Lasting Lip Stain infoAvailable in 4 shades: 01 Baby Girl, 02 Miss Right, 03 Almost Lover and 04 Beloved. Now based on these  pictures, I would usually go for 04 Beloved, cos I’m such a hot pink kinda girl. But you know what – it’s time to step out of the box and try something new 😀

Vidi Vici Perfect Lasting Lip Stain (1)In shade 03 Almost Lover. The marker tip is really soft and dispenses a generous amount of lip stain.

Vidi Vici Perfect Lasting Lip Stain (3)

Vidi Vici Perfect Lasting Lip Stain (5)Lips, lips, lips and more lips! Smoochies coochies everybardyyyyy

Vidi Vici Perfect Lasting Lip Stain (4)Fine fine, go ahead and mock me – that’s how dazed I look at 6am in the morning, with an unglam grey hoodie and all lol.

Vidi Vici Perfect Lasting Lip Stain (6)Ginormous hair baybeh! As drag queens would say – the bigger the hair, the closer to heaven (and the greater the likelihood of blocking the people behind you in the cinema lol) P.S. Notice how I no longer have frizzy untameable hair? Yes, Jei has worked her magic!

I say…

I’m loving this! I mean, yeah, the price tag plays a large part – it was KRW22,000 and now it’s been marked down to… errmm I suck at maths. To put it from a shopaholic’s perspective, it’s even better than a Buy One Get One Free – it’s like buying one BB cream at a 15% discount and getting this for freeeee. But hey, the performance is pretty great as well.

  • First and foremost, the packaging is simple enough – a black plastic pen with a click-on cap. The body of the pen is pretty wide as well, so you can get a good grip.
  • There’s a nice floral scent emitting from the tip. Just try not to jab yourself in the nose whilst trying to sniff it, cos that what I did. Klutz muchhhh?
  • The tip is soft and non-abrasive at all, even on my super dry and chapped lips. See above pictures for evidence.
  • The colour stain comes out kinda like watercolour-style – slightly watered down and deceptively mildly-coloured. Don’t be fooled – the colour is pretty intense with just 1-2 coats.
  • You might want to store this tip downwards, or flip it towards that direction before application so that the ink flows to the tip.
  • There’s absolutely no feeling that I have anything on my lips – it does its job well and literally only stains my lips (with a pretty colour).
  • It lasts pretty damn long – the entire day, if my lips don’t flake.
  • Upon first application, it looks like it provides a glossy finish, but nah, it’s just the colour settling in. There’s no glossy or matte finish – just intense colour. If you want some moisture to your lips, try the Creamy Touch Lipstick.
  • I love that it also doesn’t settle into the crack of my lips – it stains it pretty evenly.

Overall, I’m loving this very convenient way of bringing some colour to my face (and keeping it there!) so I say it’s time to spend the monehhhhh. Buy it naoooo.


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