Review: Vidi Vici Brilliant BB Cream

There are some things in the world that you may find hard to believe – Godfrey Gao’s hotness, Daniel Henney’s super hotness, Jennifer Lopez’s bum size and certain bloggers’ sense of self-entitlement in asking for sponsorships and shamelessness in crashing events uninvited (sneaking in a not-so-subtle snarky dig hurhurhur). Monday Bluesy Bitchiness aside, there’s also one more thing I find hard to believe – that I’m almost running out of things that I want to buy in Korea. In particular, Sulwhasoo – I daresay I’ve purchased almost every single product they have to sell, save for say 5-7 items that are priced beyond my reach.

Thankfully, there are still brands to be uncovered, such as MULE (oh, I’ll hunt you down soon!) and Vidi Vici, which isn’t available at Lotte, so you should try Shinsegae or Hyundai where I found this Brilliant BB Cream to add to my sole Vidi Vici product, the Creamy Touch Lipstick.

Vidi Vici Brilliant BB CreamVidi Vici Brilliant BB Cream – KRW45,000

Vidi Vici Brilliant BB Cream (2)

Vidi Vici Brilliant BB Cream (1)A simple twist-open cap top and a squeezy tube

Vidi Vici Brilliant BB Cream (3)

Vidi Vici Brilliant BB Cream (4)

Vidi Vici Brilliant BB Cream (5)My skin is looking relatively rejuvenated after 2 weeks of breathing Korean air lol

Vidi Vici Brilliant BB Cream (6)Hellooo everybardy, nong time no see my face, yes?

I say…

Now I’ve been tempted to buy this on more than one occasion – I can’t be the only one who’s been seeing the ad banners right? Being the true-blue Ko’Ho, I did the right thang – I went to Korea and bought it, and was lucky enough to get it at a promotion prize of KRW39,000 for this AND a Perfect Lasting Lip Stain. Major SCORE.

  • There are two variations – Brilliant and Glossy. Glossy, as its name suggests, gives a glossy / dewy finish and has lesser coverage.
  • It comes in a simple twist-open and semi-squeezable hard tube.
  • The texture is relatively watery – it doesn’t drip all over though.
  • It has a relatively mild scent.
  • It feels really lightweight, and even after applying several layers, doesn’t feel like I’ve got anything on my skin. Woah.
  • Its coverage level is medium – 1 layer gives you sheer coverage while 2 layers give decent coverage.
  • While it does a decent job in covering up my facial blemishes, spots and what-nots, it couldn’t handle the panda eyes, so in the photos above, I used the Lancome Miracle Teint to conceal my dark eye circles.
  • The finish, although less dewy than the Glossy version, is still relatively dewy and gives a nice glow.
  • It also settles into a semi-matte finish after a couple of hours.
  • I like that it brightens up my complexion and makes me seem less zombie-like.
  • Despite its lightweight texture, its staying power is surprisingly long – after 7 hours or so, it’s still around, albeit with a natural finish. I’d wear this on days when I don’t have to go anywhere after work to make cleansing and removal easier. For days when I have to attend events, I’ll still go for the heavy-duty Too Cool For School After School BB Foundation Lunchbox.

Overall, a pretty decent BB cream for those who dislike the clogged-up heavy product feel on their faces, but make sure that you’ve got a good undereye concealer to banish the panda eyes. For those who aren’t headed to Korea any time soon, you can purchase Vidi Vici from here (but it’s defo more expensive than buying in Korea).


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