Review: Sephora Tattoo Me! Temporary Tattoo Applicator Pen

Sephora very generously gave a gigantic goodie bag from their Sephora Press Day, and amongst all the goodies in there, I found this adorable little gem that would fit right in for this weekend’s Halloween theme – a temporary tattoo applicator.

Sephora Temporary TattooSephora Tattoo Me! in Star design

3 designs

Available in 3 designs – Star, Skull and Anchor

Sephora Temporary Tattoo 2

Sephora Temporary Tattoo 3

Sephora Temporary Tattoo 4

Sephora Temporary Tattoo 5Oops about the extra streaks around the star – I didn’t realise I had my arm bent, so the edges imprinted on.

Sephora Temporary Tattoo 7

I say…

This is funnnnnn. Now I’m defo one of those type of girls who can never commit to a tattoo – I’ll prolly get tired of the design really quickly, plus, I tend to go into whims about what I want. I remember a phase of my life when I really wanted to tattoo a pile of shit – I kid you not. Or else a penguin. Thankfully I never went through with it.

  • This is a really, really simple-to-use item. Simply open the cap and stamp the star anywhere on your face or body.
  • Make sure that your skin’s surface is dry and not oily / sticky before application.
  • For a strange reason, this is not waterproof. I tried being all gangsta in this Instagram photo of mine, but after 1 trip to the toilet, it was alllll gone. Well, not all gone, but smudged spectacularly gone in a flash like a shooting star.
  • If you let it set and dry, it shouldn’t smudge.
  • To make it stay longer, you can try dusting some loose powder on your skin before applying it, or double coating it with your waterproof liquid eyeliner (but you’ll need precision surgeon hands to draw over).
  • If the temporary tattoo avoids all water or liquids, it should be able to last the whole day (but it will fade in colour intensity).
  • You can remove it easily with any normal soap or shower gel.
  • The longer it stays on, the longer it takes to remove (i assume it’s cos the ink is deeper seeped into your skin), so you might need some makeup remover on that. You won’t need any harsh scrubbing though.

Overall, a really cute thang to have and to hold, but not for all eternity since it’s not waterproof.


Some inspiration for those new to the world of tattoos   – channel your inner Rihanna with a trail of stars down your back (or neck or ankle even).

If you want to, you could even follow this girl who tattooed 56 stars on her face. She should really have tried out this Sephora Tattoo Me before going for the real thing – it’s been 3 years and she hasn’t managed to get them all off yet. Poor girl.

star tattoo face


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