Review: Kao Megurizumu Steam Hot Eye Mask

Like many from the smartphone era, I am guilty of bringing my phone to bed with me, and using it in the dark. But I have taken baby steps to improve this bad habit – I’m no longer playing Candy Crush (or rather, I’ve just given up all hope on completing level 208). Instead I now just surf Facebook to bore myself to sleep.

However, that’s still not considered healthy, so I’ve finally found a good deterrent – rather than opting for the extreme duct tape, I’ve decided to use this Kao Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask. It forces me to keep my eyes closed for 15-20 minutes and by then, I’ve fallen asleep. Plus, the heating effect doesn’t last that long so there’s no worrying about burning my eyes.

Kao Megurhythm Steam hot eye maskKao Megurizumu Steam Hot Eye Mask

Kao Megurhythm Steam hot eye mask (1)Looking deceptively like a pantyliner

Kao Megurhythm Steam hot eye mask (2)Made of soft cotton mesh material so it doesn’t irritate your skin

Kao Megurhythm Steam hot eye mask (3)It usually comes in a pristine condition, but I had to take a photo of the used one. The new one would immediately start warming up, and I didn’t want to waste it (it’s not cheap ya’know). Tear gently down the centre (where I’ve drawn the dotted black line) and open it. You’ll get two ear “hooks” to loop around your ears.

I say…

I love this!  It’s a good change from my usual cooling/icy cold eye masks, such as The Face Shop Raspberry Line & Lift Collagen Patch).

  • My pal Kenny helped me to get a box of 5 from Japan, and they’re all individually wrapped.
  • Once you open the individual wrapping, I assume there’s some sort of reaction with oxygen, which results in the immedaite heating.
  • It seems to work in the same way as those heat packs that you use in winter.
  • Simply open it up, and gently tear down the centre and you’ll get the two flaps that open up to function as ear hooks.
  • The entire mask is made up of soft cotton mesh, so the hooks are stretchable to fit snugly behind your ear.
  • It doesn’t feel too tight and doesn’t pull your skin as well.
  • The cotton mesh material also doesn’t irritate your skin much.
  • One of my friends from Today says that it’s too hot for her, but to me, I find it alright. Perhaps it’s cos I use it in an airconditioned room before I sleep. It’s supposed to heat up to about 40-42 degrees celsius.
  • I love that it gently and slowly steams up the area around my eyes and relaxes my eyes. There’s some wetness (once the steam sets in) but it’s not a flood, so fret not.
  • The heat is the highest during the first few minutes of use, and then slowly dies down over the course of 15-20 mins, so even if you leave it on as you sleep, it doesn’t burn your skin.
  • It’s perfect for helping puffy and tired eyes – I’m so bringing one along with me on planes from now on.
  • Note that this isn’t particularly an eye care product, but more for overall relaxation. You’ll still need to apply your eye creams and serums and what-nots.

This is available in several variations – Unscented (the one I’m using), Lavender, Camomile, Rose, and Eucalyptus Green. Not sure if there are anymore though. I’m so getting more of these.


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