Review: Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Foam

Innisfree is coming into Singapore in a month’s time (or so) – not quite sure cos the PR people have not been responsive at all. tsk tsk. Prepare yourselves for an incoming rant – Is it that hard to reply a simple work-related email? I mean yeah, as the director of the PR agency, I’m sure you have 10 million emails to attend to, but to not reply at all – that’s just plain unprofessional. I’m very strongly considering zipping over to the Amore Pacific Korean HQ to complain be a snitch whilst I’m there next week. Seriously peoples, just cos I look mild don’t mean I’m a pushover. helll no. – does black gurl hand on hip –

Anyhoos, being the partial being I deem myself to be, I shall not let this destroy my love for Korean products.  Here’s one pretty good product from Innisfree you can try.

Innisfree Olive Cleansing FoamInnisfree Olive Real Cleansing Foam

Innisfree Olive Cleansing Foam (1)

Innisfree Olive Cleansing Foam (2)

I say…

  • I must admit that the packaging isn’t the prettiest on the shelf, even amongst its fellow Innisfree products.
  • However, it smells WONDERFUL – full of fragrance (artificial I’m supposing), but dayamn, you can’t say no to that.
  • The foam itself is the pearly-sheened types, not the full cream ones.
  • It works up into a foam very easily and doesn’t leave any sort of film (greasy, oily etc) on your skin.
  • It doesn’t strip my skin of moisture so there’s no squeaky clean feeling. Instead, my skin feels refreshed and slightly softer.
  • There’s also not much dirt residue when I wipe my face with a toner-soaked cotton pad.
  • I also love that somehow, my skin seems slightly rosier and brighter / clearer after about 2 weeks of using it.
  • What’s more, did I mention how cheap it is? I can’t remember the exact price, but I know it cost about KRW7,000-9,000 only.

Overall, I’m glad I bought this cleanser. I very nearly didn’t buy it cos: a) the packaging is so blah, and b) I was running out of luggage space. Thank goodness that EMS service in Korea is so affordable 😀


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