Review: Hera Waterin Roll-On Eye Serum

I visited The Face Aesthetic Clinic for a sponsored facial a couple of weeks back (yes yes, I know I owe you guys a review on that), and I was told that I had not one, not two, but a lot of milia seed bumps at my eye area. Oh, the horror of horrors! It was like Halloween come early for me. A possible cause could be an overly-rich eye cream, so I decided that there could be no better sign from the K-beauty gods telling me to open this Hera Waterin Roll-On Eye Serum that I’d bought in July.

Hera Roll-on Eye SerumHera Waterin Roll-On Eye Serum

Hera Roll-on Eye Serum (1)Hera Waterin Roll-On Eye Serum – not cheap at KRW45,000  (approx SGD52)

Hera Roll-on Eye Serum (2)

Hera Roll-on Eye Serum info

Hera Roll-on Eye Serum (3)See, it’s very important to read instructions before using the product – I didn’t, and damn near broke the tube cos I was trying so hard to press it without unlocking it.

Hera Roll-on Eye Serum (4)One pump dispenses the gel in 5 (or 6) pretty beads, making it seem like a flower in bloom or dew drops forming. So Shakespearean poetic.

Hera Roll-on Eye Serum (5)A slightlyyyy fairer patch where I used the roller on – it was cold, which prolly explains the fair patch (blood vessels constricted, lesser blood = less puffiness? Well, that’s my warped theory anyways)

I say…

Eye creams are one of the products that I am reluctant to buy many pieces of, despite the beauty junkie I am. At least I can justify why I have 13 BB and CC creams – I use it everyday and I have a large face to paint. Wooot. Eye creams take almost forever to finish simply cos the area of application is soooo small.

  • Now it may look normal sized, but this tube of Hera Waterin Roll-On Eye Serum is friggin’ huge. I kid you not – it’s at least 15cm long. I guess you can’t say that it’s not value for money.
  • The delivery system is somewhat cute and hygienic – there’s a twist-lock at the end so you don’t actually dispense any by mistake. Twist it to the open side, press it once (to dispense the recommended 0.15ml) and then twist it back to close to lock it.
  • I love that it comes out in several pretty beads of gel, making it seem like it’s a flower in bloom.
  • However, I do think that it’s way, way too much. I find that half a push is more appropriate.
  • In fact, even half a push can have enough leftover gel for the next usage.
  • Roll it gently at the undereye area, and slowly massage that same area with the massager.
  • It moves really smoothly and doesn’t tug at the skin at all.
  • The cooling sensation is crazy shiok (local slang for feels friggin’ awesome) – the coolness makes my eyes less puffy and plus I don’t have to use my hands to apply this, so I basically can apply it any time I want.
  • I love the fragrance of this product (yes, prolly artificial) but when you combine that with the cooling sensation, this product satisfies me mucho many many.
  • So far, I haven’t seen any extra milia seed popping up, prolly because this is a gel-based product that’s meant to be really lightweight. Phew.
  • That aside, I do see signs of my skin being more hydrated, with slightly less visible fine lines.

I’d say this is a decent eye serum for those who want to avoid overly-rich eye creams. Plus, it comes with a roll-on massager to relieve tired eyes, so I’d say go for it. If you love Shin Min Ah, go for it too 😀


4 thoughts on “Review: Hera Waterin Roll-On Eye Serum

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