Review: Origins Brighter By Nature High-Potency Brightening Peel with Fruit Acids

Like all normal people, I do have days when I have barely any energy to beautify myself – all I do is flail my arms weakly to get rid of the flies that are hovering above me as I stew in my own pot of zombie-like grossness. But since I clearly have a reputation to upkeep as a beauty blogger and as a somewhat-social icon, I have decided to put those weakly flailing arms to good use – by sticking this Origins Brightening Peel to my fingers and wiping them across my face, kinda like how you’d use the windscreen wiper to clean birdcrap off. hurhurhur.

Origins Brightening Peel padsOrigins Brighter By Nature High-Potency Brightening Peel with Fruit Acids

Origins Brightening Peel pads (1)Looking down the rabbit hole. or well. No sadako thereeee.

Origins Brightening Peel pads (2)The front and back of the cotton pad – not much difference actually

I say..

Now I must confess that I’ve had this product shoved under my dressing table for forever -I’m quite surprised it hasn’t started sprouting a real fruit tree.

  • I wouldn’t necessarily call these “pads” even though they are termed so – it’s more of a sheet of cotton.
  • I gingerly pick one up with my clean fingers and nails (cos they’re all clumped together in a giant lump of moisture which is actually some fruit acid or glycolic peel).
  • There’s a vague sting in its scent, which I attribute to the 30% glycolic peel content. It doesn’t smell bad though.
  • Using either side, gently wipe your face (I do it in a circular motion) and avoid the eye area.
  • I also try to do it so that I don’t wipe over any area of the face more than 2x with this – I have a weird phobia of my skin melting away (but then again, that’s just my crazy paranoia at work).
  • You’ll feel a very very slight tingling sensation but nothing that hurts.
  • I use it about 2x a month only because I have my other daily (Dermalogica Daily Microexfoliant) and weekly exfoliators (Sulwhasoo White Ginseng Brightening Mask)- I know I’ve got thick skin but I don’t wanna push my luck.
  • My skin appears rosier and feels smoother after each session, with the dirt and dead skin cells visible on the cotton pad.
  • There will also be some redness on your skin – which I suppose is a natural reaction considering you just slathered acid all over. It will subside after several minutes.
  • Try not to mix products with this – meaning that you should let this dry and be fully absorbed into your skin before applying something else on. In fact, I simply avoid applying anything until about an hour or two after (and with some water rinsing). The active acid ingredient could cause a reaction to your face if mixed with others – I’ve had to hold 2 ice cubes to my pikuchu cheeks before (but it wasn’t due to this product).

Overall, a fast and easy way to exfoliate your skin and brighten your complexion. Just be sure to take it easy and not overdo it. This site even has rave reviews from men who’ve used it, so I guess you could try to con your man into buying it for himself and you could “borrow” some. forever. hurhurhur.


2 thoughts on “Review: Origins Brighter By Nature High-Potency Brightening Peel with Fruit Acids

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