Review/Facial: Treatment at Sisley Beauty Boutique

From my experience as a magazine journalist as well as beauty editor, facials are a must for proper skincare cleansing and maintenance. Yet sadly, the ones who advocate it are often the very same people who flout the rules. The last time I had a facial was back in 2009 – yes, I kid you not. Back then, I went for about 7 facials in a span of 10 days for article writing and research purposes (and perhaps a subconscious effort to purge my skin of all grossness stuck within).

This year in 2013, I have decided to undergo the same routine – undergoing a rush of facials in a short span of time. Insane much I know. heh.

Sisley FacialSisley Beauty Boutique is located at Paragon – You can access it via the lift lobby alllll the way at the back of the building. Ask Information or Concierge if you’re not sure.

Sisley Facial (1)Woah. So clean, so white, so posh.

Sisley Facial (2)Having a cuppa tea whilst I chat with their PR and marketing manager (who I must say is extremely, ridiculously friendly and nice even though she comes from a super atas brand)

Sisley Facial (3)Just some of the products on display

Sisley Facial (4)Moving on to the sides to take a look. Zomg makeup galore! Note that the photos get increasingly higher (cos I really didn’t wanna show my face. I suck so bad at selcas)

Sisley Facial (5)A wayyyy nicer shot without me and the mirror in it.

Sisley Facial (7)

Sisley Facial (6)Animal preen! Animal preen!

Sisley Facial (8)Enough fooling around – time to go pass the secret grey curtain to one of the 2 facial rooms

Sisley Facial (9)The first time I’ve seen nipple tape being provided – much amused 😀

Sisley Facial (10)A bed covered with large white fluffy towels and a dressing table at the side.  There’s also a bathroom tucked at the corner – note that I say bathroom and not toilet. If you need to pee, you have to brave the lights and walk out to the main corridor (yes,where alllll the neighbouring office workers can see you) and pad your way to the common toilet.

Anyhoos, my Jestina bag says hiiiiii 🙂

Sisley Facial (11)A wardrobe that I wanna have in my future house (except that the hanging area has to be 3x larger heh).

Sisley Facial (12)Sisley Facial (13)The assortment of products that might be used on me during the facial – the essential oils are not for sale.

Then.. it was time for me to drift off…

I underwent the Sisley Essential Body Treatment, which is not in the pamphlet, but I think the closest alternative would be the Detox, Slimming and Firming Re-modeling Massage – S$430. I don’t remember much (hey it was so ridiculously relaxing that I drifted in and out of sleep so many times) – but I recall there being a simple facial cleansing and facial / massage along with a full body massage.There was no extraction – it’s more of a holistic and relaxing treatment (similar to jurlique) using the essential oils and aromatherapy along with massage techniques. I awoke feeling really, really energised and rejuvenated (especially since it was a week when I was so sleep-deprived cos of the consistent coughing). I did not feel significantly slimmer after that, but the increased levels of energy and comfort were enough to offset that.

Sisley Facial (14)My post-facial sans-makeup face (except for eyeliner)

Here’s the spa menu for those who are interested – I don’t have a scanner so I’ll manually type everything out. heh. Old school I am.

  • Energizing Body Exfoliating Treatment: $100, 45mins
  • Luxurious Rejuvenating Back Treatment: $220, 45mins
  • The “Save Our Skin”Restorative Massage: $380, 120mins
  • Extreme Confort (should it be “comfort”?) Massage with Shea Butter and Mallow Flower Extract Treatment: $380, 120mins
  • Detox, Slimming and Firming Re-modeling Massage: $430, 120mins
  • Hydrating Treatment for dehydrated skin: $180, 60mins
  • Radiance Treatment for dull skin: $180, 60mins
  • Repairing Treatment for dry and sensitive skin: $180, 60mins
  • Purifying Treatment for combination to oily skin: $180, 60mins
  • Lightening and Firming Treatment: $200, 60mins
  • Intense Hydrating Treatment: $200, 90mins
  • Global Anti-Aging Treatment: $250, 90mins
  • Day Makeup: $70
  • Evening Makeup: $120
  • Eyebrow Trimming: $25

There are also packages if you sign up for 6 treatments.

Sisley Beauty Boutique @ Paragon

290 Orchard Road, Paragon, #14-09, Singapore 238859

Tel: 6235 9353


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