Review: Orbis Aquaforce Moisture-M Oil Cut

After being glued to RuPaul’s Drag Race over the last 2 weeks, I’ve learned to love myself more (well, even more than my usual narcissistic levels), and that hey, having a big face can have its benefits too. Sure, I’ll prolly have to relegate myself to the back of all photos forever, but the plus side is that I get more surface area to try out stuff, like makeup and skincare, and in this case – moisturisers.

Orbis Moisture MOrbis Aquaforce Moisture-M Oil Cut

Orbis Moisture M (1)Delivery system: via le hygienic pump

Orbis Moisture M (2)

Orbis Moisture M (3)

I say…

Yay! I’m happy to have found my replacement day-time moisturiser after my Belief Numero 10 Essence runs out.

  • I’m loving the cute, short plastic bottle with a frosted finish  – this means no icky fingerprint marks and also a more secure grip (especially if my fingers already have some form of skincare on them).
  • The pump system is hygienic and (clearly) easy to use. The pump dispenses enough for one full-faced usage.
  • I find that the gel is somewhat more viscous than the other gel products I’ve used – not sure if it’s because of its oil-free formula though.
  • It doesn’t make much of a difference though – it is absorbed fully (though not as fast as others), and leaves no sticky or oily residue.
  • In fact, I love that it makes my skin feel more moist, and incredibly, more firm. There’s a distinct “boing” in my skin as I jab it with a finger tip.
  • There’s no scent to this product (and with a lot of their products as well, as I discovered whilst sniffing rather foolishly at their launch in Singapore).
  • It makes my skin feel more invigorated – there’s no lightening of skin tone though. I guess this works on the skin density rather than tone. I’m not fussed about this though.

Overall, I’d totally recommend this as a day time moisturiser cos it’s lightweight and effective. Of course you’re welcome to use it as a night moisturiser as well – you say tomahto, I say tomaytoe.  😀 Wanna get your hands on this? Check out my Orbis Giveaway nao!


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