Review: Dior Diorsnow UV Shield BB Eye Creme

Although the simple idiot-proof questions seem like a rather frivolous method of doing my recent frenzy of giveaways, things aren’t always what they seem -cue dramatic movie music –

I’ve actually been conducting my very own market research using those questions, and one of the things I’ve realised that is that my readers want to know more about concealers and how to cover dark eye circles. How inconsiderate of me. Just cos I’ve come to terms with being a part-time pancoon (panda + raccoon hybrid) doesn’t mean that my readers have. Hence, I bring forth another concealer product review for you 😀

Dior Eye BB CreamDior Diorsnow UV Shield BB Eye Creme

Dior Eye BB Cream (1)

Dior Eye BB Cream (2)With a soft sponge tip application so I can dab gently like a courtesan dabbing her fake tears lol.

Dior Eye BB Cream (3)

Dior Eye BB Cream (4)I can barely see the difference with and without BB – can you?

Dior Eye BB Cream (7aMe, my turban and my eye bags at 5am in the morning 😀  Click to enlarge if you wish to see the product’s effectiveness up close (and if you’ve got balls of steel)

Dior Eye BB Cream (6)Face: Too Cool For School After School Lunchbox BB Foundation

Cheeks: Esprique Melty Fix Cheek

Nose bridge: Etude House Face Designing Brightener

Undereyes: Dior BB Eye Creme (and a sleep debt of about -1,490 hours)

I say…

  • The tube itself is a lightweight plastic angular tube with a twist-open cap that’s attached to the sponge-tipped applicator.
  • The applicator is soft and non-prickly, which is great for direct application to the undereye area.
  • I prefer using my fingers to blend it in though.
  • I’m using 020 and I think it’s a leetle dark for my skintone. I think a lighter shade would be able to brighten up my undereye area more. Check out the other shade here.
  • The texture is really lightweight – a barely-there feel compared with other concealers eg Laneige Dark Circle Concealer Kit (especially since concealers are known to be thicker and more pigmented in order to create the colour intensity to hide dark eye circles).
  • Even when I crinkle up my eyes, it doesn’t cake and looks really natural.
  • It’s also easily spread out and blended, but since it’s so lightweight, it takes quite little for it to be removed, so don’t go rubbing your eyes.
  • In terms of coverage, it’s not that strong – as you can clearly see, 1 layer isn’t enough to do anything (although on hindsight, it could be due to the intensity of my dark eye circles). 2 layers would be more appropriate for me.
  • I guess it’s a trade-off then – you want lightweight, you give up some coverage. The Laneige Dark Circle Concealer Kit has way more coverage.
  • I’m glad that there’s SPF coverage though – I mean yeah, SPF20 is like pisai (local slang for nose booger and to be figuratively likened to the size of aforesaid booger – small and insignificant), but I guess some SPF is better than none?

Overall, a relatively interesting product to try out – I’m actually more surprised at the existence of this product than anything else. After all, I consider myself to be a BB connoisseur of sorts (ahem, self pats on back) but this is actually the first time I’ve heard of a BB product specifically targeted for the eye. Ooh baybeh.


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