Review: Su:m 37 Air Rising CC Cream

Goooood morning everyone! Did you have a restful weekend?

Well, I didn’t. Hah. But it was all for the sake of the greater beauty – besides attending Bobbi Brown’s Fall/Winter collection launch, I also (as usual) spent a lot of time rummaging around my room/stash for products that I feel like reviewing, taking photos and preparing my week’s blog line-up. In fact, I actually look forward to Mondays cos it’s way more restful that my weekends. Heh. Yes yes, warped much I know.

After scrounging around my stuff, I actually realised that I still have CC creams to review (-fist pump of achievement-). What’s more, it’s from a Korean brand that I have yet to conquer (read: buying an unnecessarily large amount of products from) – Su:m 37.

As far as I know, Su:m 37 is supposedly a beauty brand released by LG Household and Healthcare to fight with AmorePacific’s Sulwhasoo and History of Whoo. It’s priced similarly (aka not cheap), which prolly explains why I have yet to plant my flag of “I Haz Been Here” on Su:m 37’s counter soil.

Here’s my very first Su:m 37 product –  a CC cream 😀

Sum 37 Air Rising CC creamSu:m 37 Air Rising CC Cream

Sum 37 Air Rising CC cream (1)Su:m 37 Air Rising CC Cream – KRW48,000

Sum 37 Air Rising CC Cream infoThe information sheet for the Air Rising CC cream is also apparently used for the other products in the range. Ooh. I’m tempted.

Sum 37 Air Rising CC cream (2)Changing easily from geisha-white to human-beige

Sum 37 Air Rising CC cream (3)

Sum 37 Air Rising CC cream (4)Ooh. I must say that my complexion has brightened up slightly (and it’s not just cos of the CC cream, I’m talking about prior-application). This is thanks to le sponsor The Face Aesthetic Clinic and the Crystal Clean Diamond Aqua Deep Cleansing Facial 😀 A complete blog entry will come soon – and guess what? It’s pretty affordable and you’ll get a discount if you quote my blog name!

Sum 37 Air Rising CC cream (5)

I say…

Finally. At nong nong last. I haz found another CC cream with somewhat decent coverage (besides the ONL Oceaniq 3D anti wrinkle total solution CC cream).

  • The packaging has a luxe feel, in line with the brand’s image.
  • There’s not much of a scent – just a faint fragrance.
  • The CC cream is dispensed from a squeezy tube, and comes out in an almost-pure white colour.
  • If you leave it on your skin (and run around trying to take photos or doing any other random chores), it will not change colour like the Origins Smarty Plants CC cream did.
  • However, once you gently rub it into your skin, the colour changes pretty rapidly into a rosy beige with a nice dewy finish.
  • The texture itself is lightweight and not sticky nor heavy – in fact, after application, it makes my skin feel distinctively more moisturised.
  • While it helps in chasing away that tight-skin feeling, it also doesn’t sit that well on my oily-combi skin, cos it feels as though everything is on a slippery sliding slope downwards (on the oily portions).
  • Hence, I’d say this is better for ladies with slightly dehydrated or drier skin types.
  • After about 3-4 hours, I could see about 10-15% disappearing (namely from the corners of the nose and under the eyes).
  • It disappears even faster if you’ve got morning sinus like I do, and have to huff and puff into a tissue paper at 6am – most of the CC cream from my nose ended up on the tissue (alongside le excreted bodily fluids heh). The Too Cool For School After School Lunchbox BB Foundation has stronger staying power.
  • However, for what it’s worth, the finishing is really good. It brightens up my skintone, gives it a beautiful rosy and dewy finish – in essence, gives me some semblence of a human (when otherwise I would have looked like a paler-than-usual zombie). For those who like a slight rosy sheen to their face, I’d say this has 10-20% more glow than The Face Shop Aura CC Cream.
  • Its coverage is also pretty decent – if you compare this to the Mamonde CC Cream, you can see the stark difference. My dark eye circles don’t look that bad in the photos above eh? This prolly has about 20% more coverage than the IOPE CC cream.

I give this product a grudging nod of approval in terms of its coverage and finish, but it’s quite pricey at KRW48,000, which is approximately SGD55.90 (ok waddafug?! I didn’t even realise I’d spent that much!), I’m pretty impressed with it, so i might consider checking out the rest of the Air Rising makeup range when I zip over to Korea in a couple of weeks (yes yes, I’m going again, so sue me :D)


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