Review: SK-II Cellumination Essence

See what I meant about my suspect OCD symptoms? Now that I’ve started on the Facial Treatment Essence and found it to be pretty decent, of course I’ve gone on a mini rampage and started using one two many more SK-II products.

SK-II Cellumination EssenceSK-II Cellumination Essence

SK-II Cellumination Essence (1)A dropper delivery system for hygiene. Me likey.

SK-II Cellumination Essence (2)A milky lightweight lotion that’s very quickly absorbed

SK-II Cellumination Essence (3)

I say…

  • First and foremost – isn’t the bottle friggin’ pretty? I mean it’s white, it’s pearlescent and it reflects rainbows zomg.
  • My crazed unicorn-fairyland-sounding swooning aside, the bottle is pretty decently built –  a glass bottle with a premium feel and a wider base so as to avoid the bottle toppling over easily.
  • The dropper delivery system also ensures hygiene (and an added touch of fun) when applying your skincare. Fine, so I admit I have a low threshold of entertainment – a dropper can be somewhat fun and also puts your agaration skills to the test (local slang for guesstimation).
  • Now the product itself is pretty impressive – it’s a milky lightweight liquid that’s almost like an emulsion (but with more suspended grains).
  • It’s scentless (thank goodness for that, I couldn’t have lived with 2 stinky skincare products since the FTE smells so bad).
  • It’s really quickly absorbed, and I super duper love the fact that it leaves almost no residue whatsoever – it’s an almost-matte feel, but not the dry type.
  • In terms of skin clarity and whitening, my Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Serum and Snowise Whitening Cream combi have a more visible overnight difference – I really wake up to fairer skin. However, this isn’t too bad as well. It doesn’t do an overnight wonder but after about 2-3 weeks of usage, I’m seeing clearer skin (blemishes are fading and skin looks slightly more radiant).
  • There’s a Cellumination EX version now, but I’m in no hurry to finish my non-EX version. Perhaps that’ll be more effective?

I would say that the key selling point of this product would be its texture – in all my years of using skincare products, this is one of the very, very few products to leave barely a trace of any residue. Very impressed much. Since it’s quite pricey (75ml for SGD388!), I’d suggest buying it during the upcoming Christmas season when they’ve got those awesome coffret sets with all le little SK-II sample minions for free. Otherwise, hey, there’s always Sulwhasoo 😀


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