Review: VDL Festival Mineral Eyes (Love Mark)

I kinda miss wearing eyeshadow. I guess it’s a combination of a few factors – me wearing double-sided double eyelid tape, inept skills, and most importantly, the lack of motivation and discipline to get off my arse. Heh.

VDL Festival Love Mark EyeshadowVDL Festival Mineral Eyes (Love Mark)

VDL Festival Love Mark Eyeshadow shades

VDL Festival Mineral Eyes (Love Mark) comes in a range of colours – the USP of the Festival range of makeup is their cute names. It’s kinda like awesome actually – rather then telling someone “oh today my eyeshadow is 301 and my blusher is 102”, I can go “oh yeah, today I’m totes doing Club E with some Hand Holding -cue nonchalant act-cool look” lol. I sound vaguely like a douchebag. But you get my drift. Check out VDL’s website for the names of all the other shades.

VDL Festival Love Mark Eyeshadow (1)VDL Festival Mineral Eyes (Love Mark) in 301 Club E

VDL Festival Love Mark Eyeshadow (2)

VDL Festival Love Mark Eyeshadow (3)Beautiful intense and highly pigmented colours

VDL launch (19)

VDL launch (21)Using the photos from VDL’s launch instead of putting my face – clearly, I can’t hold a candle to the 1.8 (1.9m?) tall Sofia.

I say…

Considering the fact that the Festival Love Mark Blusher comes with a very considerate blush, I’m pretty surprised that this doesn’t come with an applicator.

  • That aside, it is in a small fuss-free lightweight case with a click-shut lid.
  • Similar to the Festival Love Mark Blusher, it has a certain distinctive scent to it – non-offensive and not overpowering.
  • I love, love, love the fact that the powder grain fall-out is minimal (or almost none). i mean, clearly it’s baked eyeshadow, but even as I use my brush / sponge tip applicator to dispense some, not many grains are dislodged.
  • The colour is also highly pigmented and gives a rich colour payoff – I suppose it could be because of the Dual Facade Powder which is said to reflect colour radiantly (akin to yawning rainbows, no?)
  • Since it doesn’t take too many layers to achieve the colour intensity, it also significantly lessens the caking possibility. (that said, it still cakes slightly only because I’ve got oil lids).
  • It’s pretty long-wearing at about 4-5 hours before requiring touch-up.
  • I like that the pink is subtle with a good amount of pearly sheen and can be worn alone in the day, or blended with the purple for an awesome smokey eye night look.

I’m actually pretty surprised at my level of lurve for this product – I’m not usually one for pink nor purple eyeshadows, but this was enough to please my picky penchants.

VDL is available in Singapore (yay!)at Suntec City Mall, #02-338/339.


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